Filthy sexual proclivities = bad blood

The article below was compiled by Mass Resistance, a pro-family organisation based in Massachusetts. They work tirelessly to expose the LGBT lobby and to protect children from them.

The article is graphic and shocking because it deals with the goings-on at a “Gay Straight Alliance” club event. These adult-led events are totally depraved, but people (especially parents) need to know the truth about the LGBT lifestyle.

The link is

In light of the above, the recent decision by the DUP/Sinn Fein/Claire Sugden- led Northern Ireland Executive to lift the ban on homosexuals giving blood, begs the question,

“Who, in their right mind, would want to receive blood from homosexuals?

9 thoughts on “Filthy sexual proclivities = bad blood

  1. Gay blood rights, gay marriage rights, gay adoption rights, abortion rights…we are on the march and will win the lot for Northern Ireland because we have allegiances with people in Stormont now more than ever!

    • We know that you have lots of allies in Stormont (including some in the DUP) but know this, you gloating heathens, you are like grasshoppers in the sight of God and He can crush you at will. You also have a formidable opponent in Mrs. White.

      • Oh what is she going to do…stand with one of her placards in the street? write a punchy blog post here? Mrs White was rejected at the ballot box by voters, she has no authority, she is nothing and we will walk right through her – we are good at doing that and we will. Prepare for change Mrs White, prepare for your worst nightmare!

        • Pride goes before a fall and a haughty spirit before destruction, so enough of your gloating arrogance. Identify yourself/yourselves and stop hiding behind your moniker. I challenge you (or one of you, if you are a group) to a public debate about the twin evils of abortion and the LGBT agenda. Now let’s see if you are ready to go head to head against me, Susan-Anne White.

          • We’ve heard about your ‘challenges’ to public debates – you always back out of them.

  2. Mrs White we have bigger fish to fry than you, we are not interested in debates, public or otherwise – massed organisation and public rally is what we are about. Change, instigating change. You have no influence whatsoever, you need to know that.

    • You have been challenged to a public debate and you run away. How pathetic and predictable. You do not want the truth about your murderous abortion agenda and the LGBT agenda to get out, so you refuse debates and instead have your rallies which you organise to threaten and intimidate those opposed to you. You are not running away from a public debate with me because I am “small fry,” you are running away because you know that, in debating me, you face an opponent who will expose your evil deeds and plans for society. I challenge you (or one of you) again to a public debate on the twin evils of abortion and the LGBT agenda.
      By the way, far from having “no influence whatsoever,” it is precisely because you know I have influence on society that you lot run away.

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