Mad Scientist Disease

Scientists at the University of  California Davis are attempting to grow human organs in pigs.

The goal is (supposedly) to use such pig/human organs for transplants for human beings.

The man leading the research is (nutty) Professor Pablo Ross, and he and his team have created a  human/pig embryo.

Answering critics, Prof. Ross said there was a “very low potential for a human brain to grow.” (in pigs we presume.)

These scientists are trying to play God and it is always dangerous to tamper with God’s creation and to seek to blur the lines of demarcation between human beings and the animal kingdom.

Also, pigs will suffer at the hands of these people. They should stop their cruel and unethical research immediately.

Far from being highly intelligent academics, these scientists are either mad or bad. They need their heads examined.

In a word (well two actually) they are “pig-ignorant.”  No offence to pigs intended.

PS   “Pig-ignorant” means “extremely stupid.”

4 thoughts on “Mad Scientist Disease

  1. What then in your opinion, should Scientists do to improve medical progress for Human beings? And regarding your “No offence to pigs intended” remark, are you Vegans or vegetarians too?

    • No we are neither vegans nor vegetarians. We are meat eaters. We do believe that animals should be treated humanely and killed humanely. We avoid meat products that have been “halal-slaughtered” because halal (Islamic) slaughter is barbaric and it is not the same as kosher slaughter as there are significant differences. We mostly eat pork because pigs are not halal-slaughtered as Muslims do not eat pork. We avoid other products such as brands of bread and sweets that have received halal certification. We do eat bread and sweets but we avoid Kingsmill bread because it is halal certified and Taveners sweets which have “halal-approved” on their bags.

      Regarding your question about scientists and what they should do to improve medical progress for human beings, well that is a tough question and we don’t have all the answers. We know that it is wrong for scientists to grow human organs in pigs, thereby causing suffering to the animals and tampering with God’s creation. To transplant an organ that has been grown in a pig into a human being is horrible. The poor pigs could end up going mad and the human recipient ends up with an organ that is half-animal and half-human. God forbid such madness. In our opinion, cloning is wrong and genetic manipulation of animals and crops is wrong and animal experimentation that is carried out to pander to human vanity i.e cosmetics is wrong. We are not even sure that it is right for human beings to receive any organs from another human being. We just don’t know, but we are uneasy about the matter. Some scientists are out of control and some are linked to big Pharma so money is the bottom line. It is wrong to experiment on animals simply because they are animals and any legitimate experimentation should ensure that the animals do not suffer unnecessarily. However we must make it clear that whilst we are opposed to animal cruelty, we view human abortion as far more serious because it is murder. By the way, Sir, I forgot to answer your earlier comment about women working outside the home. Would you still like an answer?

  2. Regarding Women working outside the home, then yes, an answer would be nice, thanks. Regarding this topic, I very much doubt the Pigs themselves would have any idea whats going on so I don’t believe they would go mad at all. That said its a complicated issue and I’m not 110% sure of it myself admittedly. Regarding cloning today, If it becomes possible to clone exact human parts, which could be perfect to save someone’s like, (and without using animals) would you still be against it? I don’t see it as playing God, its improving human development and increasing chances of survival for People with life threatening illnesses. You may be uneasy about Human organ transplants, and in fairness you do say you are not sure about it, but in my opinion I certainly believe that its right a human beings to receive any organs from another human being. As you know there are many cases in which People, including children, are in desperate need of a heart transplant, or something similar. I wish it wasn’t needed but it is unfortunately… There’s no logical reason why it shouldn’t be right, there are only religious reasons saying it is (such as the Jehovah’s witnesses for example) and those reasons are anything but logical or reasonable. I see it as an “unfortunate but necessary requirement” in society.

    • We have answered your questions about women working outside the home and we spent a lot of time on our response. You have ignored it and are asking yet more questions about subjects we have already dealt with, therefore we have deleted your comments and no further answers will be given on these subjects. We will not permit you to waste our time any more. Good Day Sir!

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