Would-be (and actual) baby killers hold conference in Belfast

The fanatical pro-abortion lobby are holding a two-day conference in Belfast commencing today.

The conference was opened by Clare Bailey of the Green Party. She was recently elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly by dimwits who have zero concern for the protection of unborn babies and who cannot see (or do not care) that Clare Bailey and her ilk are very dangerous women.

Fiona Bloomer, another bloodthirsty pro-abortion feminist will be present at said conference. She (and some others of like mind from NI) were in Canada two years ago trying to force abortion on Prince Edward Island.

The Canadian conference was entitled, “Abortion – The Unfinished Revolution.”

The conference in Belfast today is entitled, “Abortion and Reproductive Justice ” with a sub-title of “The Unfinished Revolution 11.”

At some point during their wicked conference they are having a dinner, and guess who’s coming to dinner (as the after- dinner speaker?)

None other than the infamous murderous midwife Breedagh Hughes!

The Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly recently appointed a feminist who has liberal views on abortion as its Justice Minister (Claire Sugden) and, added to that the fact that some in the supposedly pro-life Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) have liberal views on abortion does not bode well for those of us who are opposed to any liberalising of the law on abortion in NI.

We (the Whites) will continue to oppose the evil of abortion and call for it to be abolished.



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