2003 – South Africa – 4 yr old boy killed by lesbians

In 2003 in South Africa, a 4 yr old boy was murdered by two lesbians.

As in the case in Scotland this week (Trelfa and Fee), the poor child was the son of one of them.

The little South African boy was called Jandra Botha. He was the son of Hanelie Botha. She lived with her “girlfriend” Engeline de Nysschen.

The little boy had been assaulted over a period of time by de Nysschen. The child’s pathetic mother did nothing to stop the abuse.

Her ex-husband had tried desperately to have his child removed from the two savages but  did not succeed due to the legal system. (ANC misrule?!)

Little Jandra died after being brutally assaulted by de Nysschen, for refusing to call her “Daddy.”

That precious child instinctively knew that a woman is not a “Daddy,” and he bravely refused to go along with the lesbian madness that surrounded him.

In 2006, the murderous pair were found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20 years (de Nysschen) and 15 years (Botha.)

Lesbians have a predisposition to violence because they are anti-men, and, because little boys will grow up to be men, they could (and have) become the objects of lesbians’ wrath.

Feminism and lesbianism are closely linked, and, whilst not every feminist is a lesbian, almost all lesbians are feminists.

W will conclude with a chilling quote from a feminist called Andrea Dworkin (now deceased) which shows her hatred for men and her longing for their hurt,

“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” (end of quote)


11 thoughts on “2003 – South Africa – 4 yr old boy killed by lesbians

  1. Of course you’ve deleted my comments rejecting anything you agree with, that’s the insecurity of you so-called devout Christians. To be honest I think you’d really like Northern Ireland to be a kind of “christian dictatorship” with all undesirables (like unmarried mothers, even those made pregnant out of rape, fatherless children, Gay People etc) all locked up and permanently kept out of sight, as if they don’t exist.. You’d deny it but I firmly believe that is what you would like. You’re not Catholic but you’re very similar to that hierarchy in a lot of ways, they did that in the UK and particularly in the Republic, where they literally had “carte blanche” over the populace. no longer thankfully.

  2. And yet you were silent about the little girl who was stamped to death by her mother and her boyfriend. You have no credibility whatsoever Susan.

    • I presume you are referring to the death of little Ayeeshia Smith at the hands of her mother and mother’s boyfriend. They are an evil, wicked pair and the mother deserves the death penalty. She was sentenced to 24 years and the boyfriend got 3 years and six months. She should be in prison for life (because she cannot be sentenced to death) and he deserved at least 25 years in prison. That pair were and are extremely dangerous and the fact that both were regular cannabis users made them even more dangerous.

  3. [quote]Feminism and lesbianism are closely linked, and, whilst not every feminist is a lesbian, almost all lesbians are feminists[/quote]

    This is very true. One of the biggest contradictions of modern times is that respectable institutions of higher learning offer honours degrees in Women’s Studies, in which you’ll find modules such as “Contemporary Approaches to Lesbianism”. Zealous disinformation dressed up as serious academic thought.

    • We have deleted your comment in which you mentioned a certain political Party. We have contacted the Party concerned about this matter and are awaiting their reply.

      • I would be highly surprised if they (or any political party) would actually reply to you. They have a press officer. They have a website. If they truly thought that it was an objectionable matter with real political capital, don’t you think they would have already published a snarling article condemning the government? Well they haven’t and they won’t.

        • We certainly do expect a response from the political Party concerned and we will press them for a response if they ignore us. We wonder if you Sir were sent to our blog by the DUP? We know you voted for them and you do sound like a DUP apologist at times.

  4. I find it interesting you think that, but no. I will declare that I WAS a member of the DUP when I was at university in Belfast, but then I left Northern Ireland and lived and worked abroad for about 10 years. I have only recently moved back with my wife and sons and I am not a member of any Northern Ireland political party at this time. I am still technically registered with another party abroad, but don’t speak for them either. I speak for no-one but myself and don’t understand why I have been banned from your blog.

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