Two lesbians torture and murder 2 year old boy

In Scotland today, two wicked homosexuals, Rachel Trelfa and Nyomi Fee were found guilty of torturing and murdering Trelfa’s two year old son Liam.

They were also found guilty of ill-treating two other 7 year old boys in their “care.”

The only punishment that fits their crime is death and they should be executed, but the UK (which includes Scotland) does not execute murderers and often doesn’t even sentence such to life imprisonment because even when the sentence is “life imprisonment,” life rarely means life. It usually means 10-15 years or less!

Little Liam should have been taken away from his mother when she declared that she was a lesbian and had a “girlfriend.”

He should have been placed with his father (if his father was honourable, kind and moral) or with a caring Christian married couple if he was not.

The other two boys should never have been placed with homosexuals.

Politically correct pro-gay social workers have a lot answer for in this case (and in many other similar cases, not all of which involved homosexuals, it has to be said.)





3 thoughts on “Two lesbians torture and murder 2 year old boy

  1. Only here would you find child abuse being “equated” with homosexuality. The fact that those brutal Women were lesbians has *nothing* to do with what they did to that boy. What about the many children who suffer abuse at the hands of “normal” heterosexual couples, some of them married, some of them even *christian* (shock horror) but I guess you don’t want to acknowledge that fact right? you just stick to easier targets…… In the case of Baby Peter, he wasn’t murdered by a gay person now was he? Or that Baby in America who in 1999 was left severely injured after being “disciplined” by Howard Hunichen, who himself was a “devout Christian” like you. Any thoughts?

    • Lesbians have a predisposition to violence. They are anti-male and almost all are feminists. Young boys will grow up to be men and therefore they too are often the objects of the lesbian feminist’s rage. I am deleting your most recent comment but I will address some of the points you raise in my next post, which will cite another, earlier case of lesbian brutality resulting in the murder of a 4 year old child. If you search our blog for the post entitled “Dr. Judith Reisman found homosexuals 40 times more likely to abuse children,” you will see that there is a great deal of evidence to support the view that homosexuals are MORE likely to abuse children than heterosexuals. You cited the case of Howard Hunichen as an example of a violent “Christian” who physically assaulted a baby. I had never heard of this man or the case so I did a google search. If news reports are accurate, he was a wicked, violent man who seriously injured a baby. He should have got a much longer prison sentence. It seems he is out of prison and preaching again! This is totally wrong. He has forfeited his right to preach because of his crime. He may have paid his debt to society but he has lost all respectability as a preacher (if he ever had any to begin with) and he needs to repent of his sin and crime and keep a low profile and lead a law-abiding life for the remainder of his time on earth. He may or may not have been a Christian when he committed his terrible crime (because even true Christians can commit terrible crimes IF they forsake God and disregard His commandments.)

      • Going back to this again, you clearly do not know any Lesbians Mrs White, because if you did you would realize that you are totally totally wrong in your generalization of them… Most lesbians do not hate Men, they are merely not romantically or sexually attracted to us. And most Lesbians are not at all predisposed to violence. And I know some Lesbians myself. You clearly don’t, and I get the feeling that you don’t want to, because in general People like you don’t want to know anything that may make you question your views. Just saying.

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