Our protest outside Tyrone Constitution newspaper

We protested outside the office of the Tyrone Constitution in Omagh on Friday past because they published a picture of two lesbians in wedding dresses with both sets of parents after a pretend “wedding” in England (where sodomite couplings are legal.)

The newspaper published this abominable and shameful picture as if it were a normal and natural wedding. Shame on them!

We, by our protest and phone calls, made sure the newspaper knew there was opposition to what they had done.

A local MLA happened on the scene of our protest and we showed him the offending photo. He assured us he would contact the paper to communicate his concern about the matter.

W also contacted two Pastors in the Omagh area and informed them that the Tyrone Constitution were now sanitising sodomy. We cannot say what, if anything, those Pastors will do about this matter.


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