A question for the Tyrone Constitution – Where are the bridegrooms?

I saw a photo of the two women below in wedding attire and with their respective parents on page 38 of the Tyrone Constitution dated 26th May, 2016.

The wording that accompanied the photo reads as follows (ad verbatim)

“Pictured are proud parents, Daniel and Roberta Whyte from Omagh, and Carol and Phil White, from Southport, who recently celebrated the marriage of their daughters, Constance Whyte and Jennifer White. The reception was held in the West Tower Hotel, Ormskirk, Southport and the happy couple later honeymooned in Cyprus.” (end of quote)

I knew instantly that something was wrong because two bridegrooms were missing! I suspected that the women in the photo were lesbians and that they were “celebrating” that travesty of Biblical marriage known as a “gay” wedding .

I contacted the Tyrone Constitution and could not get an answer to the question I put to them, which was “Where are the bridegrooms?”

The Editor was unavailable yesterday, and this morning, he was not in his office but was expected back around 3.30pm or thereabouts. I was expecting a call from him as I was continually told (by his staff) that the inclusion of the offending photo in the paper was an editorial decision and that I needed to speak with him. Needless to say I am still awaiting his call.

I made enquiries elsewhere and not a few phone calls and eventually found proof that the two “brides” in the photo are lesbians and that the bridegrooms were not just missing from the photo, they were never there in the first place.

How strange! A wedding without bridegrooms!

The parents of these two confused and deluded women are blameworthy for confirming their daughters in their delusion (that two women can “marry”) and for going along with the madness and abnormality of the situation.

The Tyrone Constitution are blameworthy for publishing the photo of this wicked homosexual coupling and we hope that many people will share our outrage with this newspaper and, like us, will never buy the Tyrone Constitution again.

The photo and accompanying comment below is from the facebook  of the West Tower Hotel.

8 thoughts on “A question for the Tyrone Constitution – Where are the bridegrooms?

  1. Thank you for the publicity you have brought to the Marriage of our children.
    (We’re not related but I empathise and support them wholeheartedly)
    I’m sure you’ll agree that the girls look amazing in their beautiful wedding dresses – absolutely stunning!!!
    I wish them well and the best for their future and long happy lives together.
    I also encourage them to be bold faced against the irrational objections from the fascist, low IQ, religiously blinded, incompetent, unrepresentative, right wing, racist, sectarian, Susan Ann Wright and her Ilk – all 85 of them!

    • Mr.Cross, the fact that you haven’t got my name right speaks volumes about your IQ (or lack of it.). My name is Susan Anne White. Now look at your attempt at my name and spot the unintentional (or should that be “deliberate” mistake?)

      You Sir are seriously deluded and brainwashed if you think that two women (or two men) can marry. Marriage is between a man and a woman, end of story.

      You Sir cannot think for yourself but have swallowed hook, line and sinker the lies and dangerous nonsense of the LGBT lobby.

      Your ad hominem attack on me is predictable and boring and I’ve heard it all (and worse) before. By the way Sir, in West Tyrone, in terms of votes cast, I am more popular than the Tories.

  2. What a beautiful photo.
    A couple so obviously in love.
    How can love be anything other than beautiful in the eyes of any god?

      • What a cold, cruel woman you are Susan and you complain about ad hominem attacks on yourself?….your ad hominem attacks on this couple and this man are predictable, bigoted, childish and ignorant.

        If you are looking for an abomination simply look in the mirror madam. You are pathetic in your attempts to draw attention to yourself and your twisted views which, fortunately, were soundly rejected by the majority and will continue to be rejected so long as people will see you for what you are. Keep digging and scraping that barrel, eventually you will become extinct with the effort and the sooner the better.

  3. Congratulations to the happy couple –
    sounds like a great day and celebration.
    It’s also wonderful that the local newspaper has joined in that celebration, as I noted the local paper in Enniskillen did a few months back for another couple too.

    Welcome to the 21st Century, Northern Ireland! Long may it continue – and indeed, a future referendum on this issue as your fellow countrymen voted through last year.

    Miss White – I know it can be difficult sometimes, but it really is more rewarding to God and to humanity live happily and not in a constant state of condemnation. Let he who is without sin, etc.

    And I do hope you don’t end up having your own children ever cross a line which would see your wrath on any social issue.

    Life is short. But there’s still time to learn to love.

    • The homosexual lifestyle is abnormal and destructive. There is something seriously wrong with your thinking if you think that two women pretending to marry is a cause for celebration. Homosexuality should be recriminalized and that is the only way to stop the LGBT madness that has infiltrated virtually every strata of society. Homosexual activity is dangerous and makes those who engage in it dangerous. Homosexuals are more likely to abuse children than the general populace (at least 40 times more likely in fact.) Today in Scotland two wicked lesbians were found guilty of the torture/murder of the two year old son of one of them. They were also found guilty of ill-treating two other seven year old boys in their “care.” What despicable, cruel and evil women they are. They deserve the death penalty.

  4. My error on your name – merely a typo via autocorrect.
    My IQ – sufficient to make a very good living in a recognised profession.
    My point – I and most of the UK support same sex marriage. Same sex marriages are now real and are conducted in 3 out of 4 UK regions and our Irish neighbours and relatives have also accepted them.
    A recent Belfast Telegraph poll shows that 68 per cent of people questioned in NI are also in favour (so it will in due course come to NI) and in the last week the Church Of Scotland has moved towards accepting it (check The Guardian website).
    Why? Simple – because love trumps hate every time.
    I am a similar age to you and have worked in a variety of jobs alongside people who are Lesbian, Gay and Transsexual. I have a Bi-Sexual cousin and I can say confidently that all have a more positive approach to and outlook on life than you.
    For the last two years I have regularly read your blog – continually baffled at the contempt you display for your fellow man and then horrified as you recently launched attacks on the children of people you object to (an american pastor and a green party candidate).
    My Christian friends are aghast at your venom – they believe in “God’s love” foremost where your repeated mantra is “God hates …..”
    Hatred is not healthy. It hurts those at whom it is directed but is far more damaging to those who hate. I fear for you as I believe that in due course you will cross the line and find yourself in court on hate-crime charges or in hospital having burst a blood vessel on one of your rants.
    I have no room for your hate in my life and have resolved not to encourage you further so I shall avoid your blog from now on – It is decidedly unhealthy.
    By the way – in any constituency in NI a wet sock would poll better than the Tories 😁

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