Pastor Ken Miller sent to prison for assisting mother and child to flee lesbian terror

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller has been sentenced to 27 months in prison in the USA for helping a Christian mother who was a lesbian before her Christian conversion, to flee America with her biological child after a Vermont Court ordered (in November 2009) that sole custody of the child be given to the mother’s former “girlfriend” lesbian Janet Jenkins.

Pastor Miller was convicted of “aiding in parental kidnapping” in 2012.

He lost his appeal in December 2015 and now a courageous Christian man is in prison for his faithfulness to God and his fellow Christians (mother and child Lisa and Isabella Miller.)

It is outrageous that a Judge would imprison a man for protecting a child. The Judge should instead have imprisoned that wicked child-molesting lesbian Janet Jenkins.

We salute Pastor Miller. May the Lord protect him in prison.

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