Insane campaign for biologically impossible “men who menstruate”

More LGBTQI…….madness.

Marxist students at three UK Universities are campaigning for sanitary towel bins in male toilets “for men who menstruate.”

Read that again and let the madness and horror sink in.

The Universities are,
University of Birmingham

By “men who menstruate” they mean women dressed as men.

The University authorities should ignore the insane demands of these sexual revolutionaries and discipline them for spreading confusion and madness on campus, but they probably won’t, because many of them are as far gone as their students and every bit as biologically ignorant as them.

The biology “Professors” at these miseducation centres, offering lessons in depravity should be sacked immediately if they support these Marxist students, because they know that it is biologically impossible for men to menstruate.

Watch the video below (which we posted in a previous post last year) to see the total inversion of reality (and normality) taking place in educational establishments today.

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