The slings and arrows of outrageous Obama

President Obama is threatening North Carolina (and other States that refuse to permit men to use women’s facilities) with the loss of federal funds.

He is a wicked man and a tyrant.

If any of our Northern Ireland readers think this couldn’t happen here,  think again.

The “bathroom” wars are already being fought here.

Queen’s University Belfast Students Union have commenced a “gender-neutral toilets campaign” and this madness will spread like wildfire throughout society.

Battle lines have been drawn and great courage will be required to resist this monstrous evil of men in dresses entering women’s facilities.

As the old hymn so eloquently puts it, “Let courage rise with danger.”


One thought on “The slings and arrows of outrageous Obama

  1. It is scandalous that Mr. Obama should seek to circumvent the US constitution and the sovereignty of the states in order to enforce such a heinous violation of common decency.

    I don’t believe that states like North Carolina will accept this bullying lying down and expect that this will go all the way to the Supreme Court. Of course, Obama has filled the Supreme Court with lefty liberal judges sympathetic to his agenda, so anything is possible.

    It doesn’t get any better after November. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump are equally wet when it comes to the LGBT lobby, the only difference being that Mrs. Clinton is honest and open about her support.

    It will take great strength of character and resolve for the southern states to be victorious in the face of such aggression.

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