What was one of the most disturbing images of Assembly election count?

……A young man in a skirt and tights. He also had rings in his nose. He is the son of Tanya Jones who was the Green Party candidate in Fermanagh.

This deluded young man recently declared himself to be “non-binary” meaning neither male or female and refers to himself as “they.”

He is aided and abetted in this madness by his eco-warrior numpty mother.

Tanya Jones’s comments (on her blog) about her son’s gender confusion included the following,

“We are very happy to support them (the correct pronoun) and are delighted to see how comfortable and creative Aidan is in their true identity.
“It was brave and thoughtful of Aidan to take these public steps and we’re very proud of them.”  (quoted ad verbatim)

This is madness and Tanya Jones needs her head examined because no mother of sound mind could ever allow her son to descend into such nightmarish madness and confirm him in this state of “settled” madness by allowing him to dress in female clothing and wear make-up.

This young man is to be pitied and he obviously needs help (from a doctor or counsellor who (with God’s help and power) will deliver him from his confused thinking and encourage him to embrace his maleness instead of denying it.

God warned those who do not want to retain Him in their knowledge hat He would give them up to live lives of depravity and madness. One only has to look at our world to see evidence that God has already begun to do so.


7 thoughts on “What was one of the most disturbing images of Assembly election count?

  1. I assume that Tanya Jones has a husband. In which case, Mr. Jones also bears responsibility for his son’s deviant lifestyle. Fathers need to act as role models to their sons and teach them the skills and values that will enable them to be the future providers and leaders of their families. My bet is that Mr. Jones never took Aidan hunting or fishing and no doubt that is one aspect to this sad story.

    In any case, Tanya Jones was always going to be unelectable. She has dedicated her life to opposing energy development. She doesn’t understand that God would not have placed these resources under our feet if He didn’t intend us to use them.

    • Belfastbarman,

      God provided us these raw materials for human good. The cannabis plant can be used to make hemp fibres and oil. The opium poppy is used as the basis of morphine, codeine and many other certified analgesics. I don’t know of any useful products derived from the coca plant (cocaine is not one), but that’s not to say that we won’t develop useful products in the future.

      Greenie-leftie opposition to using our God-given resources, particularly coal, oil and gas, is seriously misplaced. I guarantee these loons wouldn’t have any qualms about taking a paracetamol tablet (made from coal).

      • What are hemp fibres and oil used for? We are opposed to cannabis and other dangerous drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Do you share our opposition? These dangerous drugs should never be used for recreational purposes and should be kept out of the community. We know that some drugs such as morphine are effective in relieving severe pain and are given out in controlled circumstances in hospitals and are kept in a locked cupboard within a locked cupboard precisely because they are dangerous and addictive. In fact, they are referred to as “controlled drugs” in the hospital setting. The pro-cannabis lobby such as CISTA are pushing the medicinal use of cannabis (even though its effectiveness as a medicine is disputed) to give pot a good name and to bring about the legalisation of recreational cannabis. If in the future studies show that cannabis is an effective pain reliever, then it should be treated like the other dangerous drugs and kept in hospitals in locked cupboards within locked cupboards and kept out of the community. Some things are beneficial in certain circumstances and harmful in others such as morphine for example. It is useful in hospital settings to relieve pain but deadly on the streets in the hands of drug dealers.

        By the way, we did not publish your comment about the MLA and her “ill-advised” tweet because we do not believe she said those things to distract from her past. We believe she let the cat out of the bag. We cannot understand why people continue to vote for such individuals (and she implied that there are others who think like her, presumably in her Party) when they have clearly stated their progressive i.e liberal and secular tendencies.

        • Hemp fibre is used in textiles (rope) and hemp oil I think is used in medications and treatments for the skin. It’s also used in some make-up and cosmetics which is OK.

          Cannabis, cocaine etc has no proven medical value and I don’t support legalisation. The point I was trying to make to Belfastbarman is that these drugs don’t exist in nature in the same way that oil and gas exists in nature but that the raw materials from which the drugs are derived are indeed useful for other things.

        • And another thing. I voted for the First Minister, because she isn’t a lightweight. I have no regrets.

          I didn’t vote for you because you weren’t running in Fermanagh & South Tyrone.

  2. Cruel and nasty woman. No wonder you only got 85 votes and only from your fellow church goers at that. People like you Mrs White will never prevail, you and your silly ideas and your bitter poisonous personality will always be rejected.

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