To those who voted for me – heartfelt thanks

To those Evangelical Christians who did not, I have this to say,

I despair of you Evangelical Christians in West Tyrone who did not vote for me or did not vote at all.
In me, you had a courageous, uncompromising Christian candidate. What more could you ask for?
In three elections (2014, 2015, 2016) the majority of Evangelical Christians in West Tyrone rejected me and my Biblical principles. Shame on you!

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will not hold the line on moral issues because that Party have no official stance against homosexuality any longer (see link below) and some within their ranks are pro-LGBT and are becoming increasingly liberal on abortion, and don’t forget that it was the DUP compromise that placed terrorists and their apologists at the heart of Government in NI. This is the same Party that were going to leave no stone unturned in the hunt for the IRA murderers of Paul Quinn. The family of Paul Quinn are still seeking justice for the appalling murder of their son. When was the last time you heard the DUP call for the killers of Paul Quinn to be hunted down? A long time ago. They did not collapse Stormont as a consequence of the murder but they continued in Government with the political wing of the IRA Sinn Fein.

No doubt many of you Evangelical Christians voted for the DUP in this Assembly election  (as usual) thereby ensuring them a triumphant and gloating return to Stormont.

The future is bleak and perilous times are ahead. Soon the LGBTQI….and the murderous pro-abortion lobby and the pro-drugs lobby and the multicultural and multi-faith  fanatics will dominate society. The sodomites will go after our children. They will force sodomite “marriage” on society and churches. They will force us to accept blood from them (and from prostitutes.) Poor children will increasingly be given to homosexual men and lesbian women via fostering and adoption.

The time to resist this evil is now!

The Pastors/Ministers in most of the Evangelical Churches in West Tyrone bear a great deal of responsibility for the moral and social ills in our part of the Province because they have been (mostly) silent and cowardly. It is high time you found your courage and your voice, and publicly and continually condemn social and moral evils such as abortion and the drugs menace and LGBT indoctrination of our children before it is forever too late.

It is not enough to rebuke these evils from your pulpit, you must also do so publicly and continually.

10 thoughts on “To those who voted for me – heartfelt thanks

  1. Notwithstanding the DUP’s lack of manifesto content on these matters, most people are clearly confident that the First Minister will veto homosexual marriage and abortion-on-demand, should such motions make it to the floor of the Assembly again. It was a tacit contract with the electorate.

    • They may or may not use the “petition of concern” to veto homosexual “marriage” when (not if) it comes before the NI Assembly again but I believe they will eventually capitulate and sooner rather than later. One of their MLA’s in the previous Assembly (and the individual has just been voted in again) “promised” the “gay” marriage lobby that they would get their way. Here is an ad verbatim quote from said individual,

      “I have gay friends. I’m not a homophobic bigot. There are many more of “me” we will see NI move forward. Promise.”

      The DUP are also going liberal on abortion. If not, why have they set up a working group to look at abortion in the case of “fatal” foetal abnormality? What will they do if the working group recommends abortion in those circumstances in NI?
      When they were voting on this matter earlier this year I phoned that Party and expected to hear that they would vote against abortion in those circumstances. I was told that they were having discussions about the matter (and those discussions lasted about two days) which clearly shows that they are not 100% pro-life. They voted against liberalising the abortion law at that time but left the matter in the hands of the “working group” who, in my opinion, will recommend abortion for foetal abnormality. This will take the heat off the compromising DUP who can then say that the law must be changed on medical advice.

  2. And an even bigger heartfelt thanks to all those who DIDN’T vote for you. With Eamonn McCann, the Greens and other independents winning seats we will see the draconian abortion law crushed and choice for women brought to this backward country. The 1967 Act and gay marriage WILL come to Northern Ireland mark my words.

    • We have deleted two of your comments. However, we wish to make some comment on the content of one of your deleted comments. Anyone can read a public facebook or twitter page without logging in or having an account, so you are talking nonsense. Using your own reasoning, we could accuse you of “fraudulent behaviour” simply because you read our blog. By the way, our daughter does not have a facebook or twitter account, so you’re wrong again!

  3. Such hatred on this website, I have never seen anything like it, and the Internet can be a troll-filled place sometimes.

    The only positive element is that I came here by accident while looking into recent Election results and that these comments do not receive a wider forum.

    But I wish you well, and that you will find peace in your life. One should never be filled with so much negativity and fury, while life passes you by.

    • The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is all you will find on our blog. Look for another blog that will tickle your ears and tell you what you want to hear. We tell you what you NEED to hear. You exhibit hatred for the truth, so do yourself (and us) a favour. Don’t visit our blog again.

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