Preacher attacked by violent transgender mob

A street preacher was violently attacked by a transgender mob outside Santee School in California.

One thought on “Preacher attacked by violent transgender mob

  1. Last October when I was on holiday, I came across a very vocal street preacher outside the Alamo in San Antonio. I don’t think many people were actually listening to him but certainly no-one was abusive. Good manners and decency still seems to prevail in Texas unlike California. BUT..the point I wanted to make is that this does raise concerns about the values that are taught at state schools. When I was at grammar school in the late 90’s, I was acutely aware that intensely pro-European values were being overtly disseminated. It was frowned upon to express a “narrow” Northern Irish identity. We were all “young Europeans” and therefore “enlightened”. Potentially, this could be quite damaging to the future of the nation state, but pales in comparison to what is going on in California.

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