Satanists love abortion, sadism and Planned Parenthood

Wicked murderous Satanists in Detroit staged a counter protest against a pro-life group who were protesting outside a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic a few days ago.

The Satanists are hideous and so are the child sacrificing fiends behind Planned Parenthood.

6 thoughts on “Satanists love abortion, sadism and Planned Parenthood

  1. That is depraved, but thankfully Planned Parenthood doesn’t exist in Northern Ireland so we don’t need to worry about it,

    • We do need to be concerned because there are similar organisations to Planned Parenthood in Northern Ireland, such as the Family Planning Association and Brook Advisory centres. These are sister organisations to Planned Parenthood and are as evil and dangerous as PP.

  2. Mr and Mrs White,

    I’m not sure that there is a formal relationship between these NI organisations and PP. FPA and Brook seem to be focused on the prevention of AIDS and all these other health problems that arise from sex outside of marriage. Of course, organisations like these are symptomatic of broader social ills and not necessarily the root cause. Men have completely abdicated their traditional familial roles and responsibilities and this is what has enabled the feminist, pro-abortion, pro-gay lobbies to thrive. So it is important to highlight the shocking behavior of such groups, but it misses the core problem in my opinion.

    • Even if there is no formal relationship between PP and Brook and the FPA they are mirror images of each other. They are all the propaganda arm of the sexual revolution. The FPA and Brook have zero interest in preventing sex outside of marriage or adultery within it because that is precisely what they want i.e sexual anarchy. They recruit young teenagers in to a contraceptive culture and a life of promiscuity and they are profoundly anti-marriage (traditional Biblical man/woman marriage) but are for homosexual couplings (“gay marriage” is an oxymoron.) Feminism is responsible for men abdicating their responsibilities and it is profoundly anti-men and anti any woman who opposes their deviant androgynous agenda. In my opinion, Brook and the FPA and PP are the symptoms and the disease (or core problem) is the sexual revolution against Biblical morality.

  3. Mrs White, there are many families where the Wife works and the husband stays at home because she has the better financial position. Are you vehemently opposed to that? Do you still believe that once a Woman gets married she should leave her job completely? What if even 1 job is not enough, do you believe the Husband should be working 2 jobs, rather than them sharing the responsibility? My Brother and Sister in law are both working, because they have to. Their 2 sons were previously in a very good Creche but now are in School. Do you think my sister in law should stay at home all the time and my brother work multiple jobs instead? He’d barely be home and would be exhausted at the end of each day, and never have enough time for his wife and kids, but does that not matter in your “gods” eyes?
    If you firmly believe the Woman’s place to the Man’s in the “traditional marriage”is to be at home then you should not be in Politics. That surely is your husbands job, making you a hypocrite. Any thoughts on that?

    • I believe that men are to be the breadwinners in the family and I support the concept of a family wage which enabled men to support their wives and families and it necessarily followed that married women (in the main) did not need to work. Feminism has destroyed the concept of a family wage and it made women feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with homemaking and childrearing and eventually, with marriage itself, hence the promiscuity, adultery and divorce so prevalent in this day and age. The rise of Feminism has had a devastating effect on society. Women who do not need to work are in the workforce and consequently many men are unemployed. It is true that some women need to work because their husbands are ill or they have died and I do not take issue with such women. However some women have to work because they have gotten themselves in debt by living above their means.
      Now to address the specific questions you raise.
      I do not approve of stay-at-home husbands because that is an unnatural role reversal. Sadly I fear it will become more common because women are being promoted in their jobs in preference to men and consequently more and more women will earn more than their husbands leading to more and more “house-husbands” (which sounds like an oxymoron to me.) Again the root cause of all this is Feminism.

      I do not necessarily believe that all women should leave their jobs when they marry. I worked for a few months after I got married (at the age of 38) but I have not worked outside the home since our daughter was born (she is 17 almost 18 now.) My husband has supported our small family (he is a farmer) and we live within our means. I do believe that women should give up work when they have children because women should raise their own children and not leave the care of them to others (like nannies or day care centres.)

      What if one job is not enough, you ask. One job (the husband’s) should be enough and was enough when men earned a family wage. However we are where we are today and one job may not be enough to pay all the bills and a woman may have to work in such circumstances. However, she should aim for part-time work if possible, and view her entering the workforce as a temporary necessity then leave it as soon as possible. However, for some married couples, one job is not enough because they want too much and are not happy with simply having enough and to spare. They need to learn to “cut your coat according to your cloth,” then the wife should leave the workforce.
      With regard to your brother and sister-in-law’s circumstances, it may be necessary for both to work for the foreseeable future but it would be better if they could make as many economies as possible and do without some luxuries, for example, holidays and a second car, with a view to setting money aside to enable the wife to work part-time or give up work altogether. That would be a worthy goal.
      With regards to me standing for election, I can see why you would think it is hypocritical but I disagree. God used women in Bible times to inspire men to action and to help them find their courage once again. There were no men standing in our area that espoused the Biblical principles outlined in my Manifesto so we had no-one to vote for. I stood to give people who share our views someone to vote for. I believe that leadership is male but sometimes men abdicate their God-given responsibilities to such an extent that God will use a woman and I believe He used me.

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