You’re not “the boss” Springsteen – God is (reverently speaking)

Rock singer Bruce Springsteen thinks he can defy Almighty God who made mankind male or female.

Springsteen is supporting and promoting the transsexual agenda because he wants men dressed like women to have the right to use female lavatories (and other facilities).

How wicked!

He has cancelled a concert to show his opposition to the normal people in Greensboro, North Carolina who believe that men should use men’s bathrooms and women should use women’s bathrooms.

We don’t care about the cancellation of his concert because we believe rock music and rock concerts are anarchic and decadent but we are alarmed at his promotion of the bizarre and abnormal transsexual agenda because he could (unfortunately) influence many people (his fans) and indoctrinate them with his pro-LGBT ideology.

Springsteen is known as  “the Boss.”   One day Springsteen will discover (to his terror) just who is boss (the Almighty God.)

One thought on “You’re not “the boss” Springsteen – God is (reverently speaking)

  1. As an atheist I have chosen to accept the fact that you have been misguided by a poor interpretation of the Bible and that your heart is full of hate instead of love. I forgive you, and hope you can find peace like true Christians.

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