TV Newswoman fired to placate PC tyrants

Wendy Bell, a TV newsreader with WTAE TV Pittsburgh was fired by her employers last Wednesday because she dared to speculate about the identities of two gunmen who massacred 6 people (including an unborn baby) and injured two others in Wilkinsburg (a suburb of Pittsburgh) in March this year.

After reading our post, click on the link below and scroll down to see photos of the two suspects. What is the colour of their skin?

If the suspects were white, you can be sure the massacre would have received saturation coverage by the mainstream media. We would have heard about it on the radio in Northern Ireland.

The PC establishment appear to hate whites (even though many, perhaps the majority of them are white) and they want whites to feel guilty simply for being white, and they will do all they can to suppress the truth about violent black males and the scourge of black against black crimes (and black against white crimes) in the USA.

They deliberately suppress or downplay the ugly truth about black  crime because it is difficult if not impossible for the Left to portray such criminals as “victims” of white privilege, which is their usual modus operandi.

If black lives really mattered to the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, they would publicly condemn black against black violence. Their silence is deafening!

Pittsburgh Anchor Wendy Bell Fired For Inflammatory (I.E. True) Post About Black Mass Shooting

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