I did not stand alone against cannabis Party CISTA

Last Saturday (19th March) saw the first pro-cannabis demonstration in Omagh, County Tyrone. Prominent at the demo was Barry Brown the leader of the pro-cannabis political Party in Northern Ireland called CISTA which stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol.

The pro-cannabis lobby are calling for the legalisation of medicinal cannabis as a smokescreen for their actual demand i.e the legalisation of recreational cannabis.

There is no medical consensus on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and even if there was, cannabis should be kept in hospitals, in a locked cupboard within a locked cupboard and prescribed by a doctor for a specific medical condition. Keep it out of the community.

Cannabis is a class B drug and it is illegal and should never be legalised for recreational use.

My husband and I opposed the cannabis demo last Saturday but the newspapers have given the impression that I was a lone protestor. See photo at bottom of page of linked article to see a photo of our protest.

First pro-cannabis public demo takes place in Omagh

4 thoughts on “I did not stand alone against cannabis Party CISTA

  1. What for free choice? And what for the 6th day in the bible where god gave to the world seeds to provide every maan with nourishment and life? Excuse my beligerance but arent you suposed to be like one of gods “henchmen”, ensuring his teachings are heard? .. he gave us seeds. Your against his will with you actions. Lake of sulphur is the protocol i believe?

    • Before Adam and Eve sinned by disobeying God, everything in the Garden of Eden was perfect, and nothing posed a threat or danger to our first parents. After the fall of Adam and Eve, everything changed and the world would henceforth be a very dangerous place. The curse of God upon mankind because of Adam’s sin affected Adam and Eve and all their descendants i.e all of us, and animals and plants etc were likewise adversely affected. Consequently today there are dangerous plants and dangerous animals etc and we view cannabis/marijuana as one such dangerous plant.

  2. Cannibas Is SaferThan Alcohol. Alcohol has no medicinal value but it’s allowed to be sold recreationally despite the health damage, family violence, drink driving, society nuisance, etc etc… Don’t see many people protesting this though. Many anti cannibas folks still drink alcohol. Is this not a massive hypocrisy?

    • Cannabis is dangerous. The woman who was sentenced today in England for murdering her little daughter was on cannabis. We believe in total abstinence from alcohol and we practice what we preach.

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