Transsexual killers may be coming to a bathroom near you

The aggressive “transgender” lobby have been demanding (and have been granted in many places) access to ladies lavatories for some time now, especially in the USA and Canada, with frequently catastrophic results, and even if this were not the case i.e  if these cross-dressers behaved themselves in said bathrooms and simply used the facility to answer the call of nature, it would still be wrong, terribly wrong, for cross-dressing men to be permitted in women-only areas.

Readers have probably heard of these so-called “Bathroom Bills” which are designed to permit men dressed up as women to enter ladies lavatories.
Men pretending to be women are also permitted to enter other areas that were set aside for women only, such as changing rooms in clothing stores and gymnasiums etc. They are also permitted to stay in women’s refuges and can also request to be sent to a female prison when found guilty of crimes (which they frequently commit, see the cases we cite below.)

LGBT activists and their allies at Queen’s University Belfast recently called for “gender-neutral” toilets and Hazelwood Integrated College outside Belfast has a group called “Gay Straight Whatever” and they have a designated WC for transgender pupils and they have dispensed with a gender specific uniform code. To further display their pro-gay credentials, they have a lesbian science teacher and a homosexual Maths teacher. Truly the lunatics are running the asylum!

Here we cite some appalling murders committed by “transsexual” men. Some of these despicable perpetrators attacked women in lavatories while others attacked women in other places but almost ALL these named below claim to be transsexual or transvestite and demand the right to identify or dress as women. These cases are horrific and there are many more we could have mentioned.

Transsexual and Tranvestite perpetrators

Patrick Hagan  6ft 3inch  280 pounds – punched a woman in the mouth because she questioned his presence in the women’s restroom. She lost five teeth.

Christopher Hambrook  – pretended to be transgender to gain access to two women’s shelters. He sexually assaulted two women. He has a history of assaulting women and girls.

Christopher Todd Gard – cross-dresser, assaulted an 8 year old girl in a bathroom in a store in Oklahoma City.

Mark Lazarus – assaulted an 11 year old girl. Attempted to rape a 71 year old woman he followed into a public bathroom.

Gavin Boyd – cross-dresser, calls himself “Joyce” convicted of murdering 20 year old Vikki McGrand. He sexually assaulted another girl, a 19 year old, in 1999 who was left permanently disfigured after the attack.

Hadden Clark – cross-dressing cannibal murderer, drunk women’s blood……

Robert Kosilek – murdered his wife, almost decapitated her, calls himself  “Michelle.”

Luis Morales aka “Synthia”China Blast and accomplice Carlos Franco raped and murdered 13 year old Ebony Williams. The prosecutor at the trial said, “The suffering that this poor child went through is beyond belief and puts this crime in the category of monstrous and barbarous.”

Homosexuals have also committed dreadful murders and abused children, google the case of Jesse Durkhising and Jason Swift, to name but two. Orphaned children and those in State care facilities should never be placed with homosexual “couples” (or heterosexuals living together unmarried.)

It is  a fact that some heterosexuals have also abused and murdered children (and adults) but when society is following God’s natural order and emphasizing gender differences and upholding Biblical man/woman marriage and morality, it is much easier to spot the deviants among us, be they homosexual or heterosexual.

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