Accused in hit and run had been smoking cannabis since age 6

Clayton Williams 18 or 19 years of age, reports vary, is on trial in Manchester, England accused of murdering Police Constable David Phillips last October see link below.)

The accused was driving a stolen truck and reached speeds of up to 80mph before he hit the 34 year old Police Officer, a married man with two children.

A second man was in the stolen vehicle,  30 year old Philip Stuart.

The Court heard that the accused had been smoking cannabis since the age of 6 and had been buying drugs and smoked a “spliff” before he killed the Officer.

The accused may have been a danger on the roads even if he had never smoked cannabis because speed can kill, but cannabis and speeding on the roads are a lethal combination.

Cannabis is dangerous and the accused should be facing drugs charges in addition to the murder charge and the burglary charge and the theft charge.

Some terrible murders have been committed by individuals under the influence of cannabis. Read about one such horrific case at the link to Guardian newspaper below.

There is a political Party calling for the decriminalisation of cannabis and they are called CISTA (stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol) and the Omagh branch and their friends in the Omagh Medicinal Cannabis Support Group are planning a demonstration for legalisation of medicinal cannabis this Saturday in Omagh. This is a ploy to bring about the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use.

A pot-using American lawyer said (in the 1970’s) “We will use the medical marijuana (cannabis) argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

This demonstration should be banned. Cannabis is neither safe nor legal. It is dangerous as are other drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Alcohol is also a drug and it is not safe either.

We will end with a quote about the supposed benefits of medicinal cannabis.
“Smoking cannabis for medication is like eating mouldy bread to get your penicillin, or chewing willow bark for aspirin.” see

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