Homosexual John O’ Doherty says Christian Magistrate “hasn’t learned the lesson!”

A Christian Magistrate, Richard Page, has been sacked for remarks he made about homosexuals adopting children.

His case was debated on the Nolan radio show on Radio Ulster this morning (see link below.)

The host of the show, Stephen Nolan, interviewed retired Free Presbyterian Minister Rev. David McIlveen and homosexual John O’ Doherty of the Rainbow Project about their respective views on the sacking of the Magistrate.

Rev. McIlveen spoke in support of the Magistrate but was very softly-softly and non-judgemental toward militant homosexual O’Doherty when the situation called for confrontation and exposure of the dangerous “gay” agenda with particular reference to the fact that children are MORE likely to be abused by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.

Of these facts, Rev. McIlveen said NOTHING.

The homosexual O’Doherty made a chilling statement at one point in the conversation when he said that the Magistrate, Mr. Page “hasn’t learned the lesson….”

According to Rainbow John, the Magistrate had been reprimanded by his employers some time ago because of his concerns about placing children with homosexuals, and, because he has not changed his opinion and stands by his stated concerns, he “hasn’t learned the lesson…”

What Mr. O’Doherty means is the following.

The attempt to indoctrinate or re-educate Mr. Page into accepting the destructive homosexual lifestyle as normal and natural has failed (Praise the Lord) and he has not learned the lesson that one cannot oppose the LGBT agenda (or any aspect of it) and remain in high office.

When will people wake up (Christians in particular) to the totalitarian and utterly destructive and extremely dangerous nature of the LGBT lobby. They will not stop until they have silenced all opposition by pro-gay laws and imprisonment and, if all these penalties fail and some still oppose them (and we hope we will always be found among those who do) it is possible that such people may be executed as enemies of the State.

If readers think that such a scenario is a figment of our imagination, google the case of Pastor Chuck McIlhenny in San Francisco. Homosexuals attempted to murder him and his family because he fired a homosexual organist from his church. Mercifully, the family escaped unhurt, but the intention of their attackers was to kill.

Here is the link to the Nolan radio show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b072mxcb

The debate begins at 39 minutes 49 seconds. Mr.O’Doherty’s chilling words can be heard at 42 minutes 53 seconds.

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