Bin this feminist claptrap

Feminists in Northern Ireland launched their Women’s Manifesto yesterday and the launch was part of the programme for the feminists’ “big day” i.e International Women’s Day 2016.

It would be more accurate to describe the global event as International Anti-Women’s Day.

Readers can view the Manifesto below. It is boring repetitive nonsense (but dangerous nonsense) pro-abortion, pro-prostitution, pro-LGBT etc ad nauseum, and, of course, it enjoys the endorsement and support of some well-known male feminists. Oh yes, such creatures do exist. Socialist Eamonn McCann is a male feminist par excellence and of course he was present at said launch in Londonderry.

The supposedly conservative DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) were represented at the launch by April Garfield Kidd and Councillor Hilary McClintock.

Feminism is actually Marxism applied to gender and is a hideous monster but the DUP don’t seem to think so.

The DUP’s political rival, the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) was also represented, in the form of Lesley Macauley. The UUP are even more liberal than the now-liberal DUP.

If any of our anti-feminist readers is handed a copy of the Women’s Manifesto, our advice is, BIN IT.

3 thoughts on “Bin this feminist claptrap

  1. Hi Susan,

    What is Marxist about this feminist manifesto document? Most of the aims and objectives are accepted by most mainstream political parties in most Western countries.What they might disagree on is the extent to which Government intervention is required to achieve these objectives.

    Many conservative politicians favour more competitive free and flexible market solutions for the economic issues whereas many centre left politicians might favour some more Government than many of the centre right proponents would favour.

    The objectives of opposing discrimination against women, same-sax oriented persons, trans gender persons both in the economy and the broader community are to be lauded. However, there are no easy solutions since there is some ‘market failure’ but there is often ‘government failure’ so there is no guarantee that some of these proposals would work.

    Blanket opposition, by calling the document ‘Marxist’ (without documenting which aspects are Marxist), is usually designed to raise fears of ‘Communism’, without having to make a proper analysis of this document


    John Arthur

  2. Hi Susan,

    Marx and Engels set forth their sociological theory of historical materialism in The Communist Manifest (1848) ans Marx sets forth his economic theory in his 3 volumes of Capital (published Vol 1 in 1867, and Vols. 2&3 in the 1880’s).

    Now you may find some parallels between Marxism and feminism but it is drawing a “long bow” to assume that feminism is Marxism applied to gender. Similarities do not necessarily imply that feminism is derived from Marxism. You have failed to demonstrate your claim.

    I find that some on the far right see similarities as implying that such thought is itself derived from Marxism. e.g. some Fundamentalists have claimed that Progressive taxation is Marxist because the Communist Manifesto supports this. But this claim that Progressive taxation in the West is Marxist is ludicrous. Certain forms of neo-Classical economics support Progressive taxation and neo-Classical economics is the antithesis of Marxism.


    John Arthur

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