Two callous women beg politicians to legalise abortion for foetal abnormality

Sarah Ewart and her mother Jane Christie, who are demanding legal abortion in cases of foetal abnormality in Northern Ireland, were on the Stephen Nolan radio show (again) on Friday past.

At one point in the conversation with Stephen Nolan, Jane Christie pleaded, “We’re begging for help.”

By “help” she means a change in the law to permit the killing of unborn babies with a foetal abnormality.

Future unborn children are at risk from this callous pair.

Listen to the programme at link below. Their contribution begins at 32 minutes and 11 seconds and ends at 56 mins 8 seconds

3 thoughts on “Two callous women beg politicians to legalise abortion for foetal abnormality

  1. Hi Susan,

    What makes you think that these two women are calloused? Do you know whether they have agonized over bearing a child with serious deformities or not? Granting a legal right for women to abort in such cases does not mean that women have to make themselves available oft his option, if they choose not to abort.

    By continuing to make an abortion illegal under these circumstances means that they are forced to carry such a foetus full term.. Do you not think that most women who wish for an abortion under these circumstances do not agonize over any decision that they might make? They weigh the consequences of aborting or carrying the pregnancy full term.

    If compassion,healing mercy and loving kindness were our guide, would we not advocate making the legal option available.?The law would have to define “abnormality” or “serious abnormailiy”.. As I said before, a woman would not be compelled to choose the option of abortion.


    John Arthur

  2. Hi Susan,

    The term “foetus” is a medical, technical term. Blackiston’s pocket medical dictionary has this definition. “In human beings, the developing body in utero form from the beginning of the 9th week after fertilization through the fortieth week of interuterine gestation or until birth.”

    Now, neither I ,nor anyone else I know, would advocate late terminations. However early termination might be a legal possibility. No-one is forced to abort an unborn baby.

    To not make this legal right available does not mean that abortions will be prevented. What happens is “back room abortions” occur and these can be dangerous for the mother’s health. It is probably better to have legal facilities available which can be legally supervised without hasty “back room” jobs being performed.

    Of course, I have compassion for both unborn and born children, but I also have compassion for the mother.

    Do you think there are any conditions which would allow abortion to be legalised? What about cases where the woman is raped? What about cases where the mother’s life is at greater risk of dying than carrying the baby to full term?

    Many people who advocate the full legalisation of abortion also wish to reduce the incidence of abortion through voluntary cooperation with women, but ultimately it is the woman’s choice, not the legislators. You ask women who have agonised over an abortion whether their decision to abort or not abort was an easy decision or not? Don’t force non abortion on them. Let them choose voluntarily.


    John Arthur

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