PC words Christians should not employ

This is for starters and is not an exhaustive list (because the PC lobby keep inventing new ones)

Below this list are the words Christians (and those non-Christians who can still think for themselves) should use and which were, in a time long gone, in everyone’s vocabulary at some time or other.


Spokesperson, Chairperson etc
Partner (except when combined with the words “business” or “marriage” as in business partner or marriage partner)
Sex worker
Transphobia (and NEVER EVER refer to a man pretending to be a woman as “she” and vice versa)
Climate change denier……….and so on ad nauseum

Now for the SANE list of words

Miss or Mrs

Spokesman or Chairman etc

Boyfriend or girlfriend or live-in boyfriend or girlfriend

Pro-abortion (pro-choice is a euphemism for abortion)

Prostitute or whoremonger

Racist should only be employed in cases of actual racism such as Nazi hatred of the Jews and the KKK hatred of black people

Ignore totally the words “sexist” and “ageist” as they were invented to silence those who say that the sexes are not the same and those (like doctors) who dare to say to an aging patient, “This or that symptom is only to be expected IN VIEW OF YOUR AGE.”

Ignore the use of the “phobia” words e.g homophobia etc and instead use plain English to articulate your concerns (and you should have concerns Christian) about the threat of Islam, the destructive homosexual lifestyle and the mentally disordered men in dresses.

NEVER EVER concede ground to the enemy by prefacing your concerns with the words “I’m not homophobic or transphobic or Islamophobic, it’s just that….”

Climate change sceptic. The eco-warriors of the fanatical climate change lobby use the word “denier” because they want the public to think that denying man-made climate change is as serious as denying the Holocaust.

Don’t allow the PC agenda to dictate what you can and cannot say!

8 thoughts on “PC words Christians should not employ

  1. Mrs White, this is a joke…right? this has to be the funniest piece of nonsense I have ever read. Mrs White, you must lose sleep at night dreaming up the utter rubbish you write on here. ………………….. You deserve to be held and considered with the deepest contempt imaginable. You are an absolute lunatic.

          • “He referred to me as “Ms” instead of “Mrs” and that needed correcting.”

            It didn’t *need* correcting. It was correct as it stood, regardless of whether you liked it or not. And really, that was the issue. It didn’t need correction; you wanted him to say something other than what he actually said.

            You really should give serious consideration to simply rejecting comments that contain elements you disapprove of. In fact, you should probably consider disabling comments entirely if you can’t allow people’s own words to stand for themselves. However, this is your blog and you are entitled to tilt at as many windmills as you like.

  2. Hi Susan,

    If compassion, healing mercy and loving kindness were your guide, why would you be sweating about such trivia and telling Christians what they should or should not say? Racism, sexism and homophobia abound in many communities in this world. Is it not about time that Evangelical Christians stood for social justice and opposed such discrimination, instead of aiding and abetting them?


    John Arthur

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