Transsexualism, Transpecies-ism and Transhumanism-what next?

Society organised without God (and that is a good definition of the world I heard from a Pastor) continues on the broad road that leads to destruction.

Examples of societal madness are everywhere and the madness has the overwhelming majority of people on the planet in its throes.

The abnormal and the frightening is now the “norm” and this thinking was chillingly articulated by a schoolboy who attends Brighton College in England.

He was responding to his school’s decision to dispense with its uniform rules to accommodate “transgender” students i.e boys can wear skirts!!

The student mentioned above, Fred Dimbleby said he was proud to attend a school where “there is no concept of the norm, of conformity and of the expected way to be.”

We wonder how the deluded young Dimbleby would respond if a fellow pupil stated that he or she was a cat trapped in a human body or a parrot trapped in a human body?

To be consistent, young Mr.Dimbleby would have to accept such individuals and pander to their madness by treating them as if they were actually cats or parrots. The school would have to change their uniform rules again to accommodate cat-women and parrot-men otherwise they would likely be accused of discriminating against those who believe they are “trans-species.”

The examples we gave of cat-woman and parrot-man are not fiction (science or otherwise) because (sadly) there is a woman in Norway who believes she is a cat and there is a man in England who believes he is a parrot. They are obviously mentally unhinged.

Their mind and thinking is disordered, but so is the mind of the man who thinks he is a woman trapped in a man’s body and vice versa.

This is frightening, but there’s more!


Transhumanists see a future populated with superhuman humanoids. Transhumanism is a mixture of Satanism, eastern mysticism, Mormonism and technology. The Mormon connection should be obvious as Mormonism teaches that men can become gods and women goddesses.

This dear reader is the world we live in and it is upside down, inside out and back to front.

Society is sick and the disease is terminal.

We conclude with a prayer to the only One who can help. “O God, in wrath, remember mercy.”


13 thoughts on “Transsexualism, Transpecies-ism and Transhumanism-what next?

    • Men wore tunics in Bible times Sir, not modern-day skirts. The Bible forbids men to wear women’s clothing and today skirts are most definitely women’s clothing. Your point is a red herring. Comment please on the disordered minds of men who dress in women’s clothing and the woman who thinks she is a cat and the man who thinks he is a parrot and those individuals who want to transcend humanity and become humanoids. Let us hear your thoughts on this collective madness.

      • I wasn’t commenting on what people wore in biblical times. Are you opposed to Kilts? Are you opposed to T-shirts? Which of course are worn by both men and women. Jeans? Cardigans?

        This highlights to me the arbitrary nature of those who espouse biblical laws. Think for yourself, despite being a non believer myself, I respect that you believe, of course that’s your right. I do wonder though why you feel that some biblical laws should still apply today? “Because they do,” would be a redundant answer – we must justify our decisions, qualify our opinions – not because we’re obligated to, but because if we’re to criticise people in public based on something unchallenged or unconsidered, we’re proving that independent thought is non existent.

        As for your comments about a woman who thinks she is a cat and so on, it affects nobody but themselves… it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t hurt you, it’s themselves and them alone who know how they feel, you and I cannot judge them. We’ve not walked in their shoes, we don’t know their thoughts or their existence… It seems decidedly unchristian to throw quips at people who we don’t understand.

        I know nothing about biochemistry or international monetary exchanges, so I try not to criticise them… I’m not experienced or educated enough in the subject matter to justify my two cents. But because you interpret a collection of books written a very long time ago, you feel you know better than a person who is living their own existence? That seem’s very prideful and arrogant.

          • Sir your comment(s) are collective red herrings. My post was about transsexualism, transpecies-ism and transhumanism. Keep on topic. Men in kilts is a Scottish cultural practice. I don’t particularly like the custom but it has nothing to do with men who believe they are women dressing in skirts and dresses. Yes jeans and t-shirts can be worn by men and women although I do not think jeans are becoming on either. There are times when women should and must wear trousers to preserve modesty such as during hill walking etc (but preferably not jeans and definitely not lycra.) However the clothing you mentioned has nothing to do with men dressing in women’s clothing i.e dresses and skirts.

            We noticed that you are writing about me on your twitter feed. Why? I am more than happy to defend my views publicly and, as you seem to spend a lot of time pondering over them, I challenge you to a public debate on the LGBT agenda or abortion or modesty (or all three and I could extend the list.) By the way, Sir, my designation is “Mrs” not “Ms.

  1. Mrs White. As much as I support the full and equal rights of LGBT people, I, like you, are neither L, G, B or T, so we aren’t experts on the subject…debating it would seem slightly moot.

    How about the role religion plays (or doesn’t play) in our legislation and society?

    What forum would you propose us debating in?

    • You support the LGBT agenda and abortion, and I (and my husband and daughter)are opposed to both. Therefore I want to challenge/confront your pro-LGBT and pro-abortion views. You mentioned the word “moot” in connection with a debate on the LGBT agenda. The word “moot” means something i.e a topic that is subject to debate or dispute, therefore debating or disputing with you (or others like you) about your support for the LGBT and abortion etc is not “slightly moot.”

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