Our response to Tanya Jones of the Green Party

The comment below is from Tanya Jones of the left-wing Green Party and reveals her bizarre and reprehensible pandering to the transsexual lobby thereby intensifying their psycho-sexual confusion and furthering the insanity of calling men in women’s clothing by female names. She did not respond to our reply to her dangerous nonsensical comment in which we mentioned the unhinged “cat woman.” We want our readers to read Tanya Jones comment and we want them to read our reply so we are publishing both as a post.

Tanya Jones said:
Nev is quite right, and if Jesus comes back tonight, it will be Ellen Murray whom he will welcome as his beloved daughter. Read the Gospels, see the respect and care he gave to the marginalised, to the outcast, to the unrespectable and the unclean. You have a religion full of condemnation, but it has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. My heart aches for you, but you cannot close the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven with your petty padlocks.

We replied:
Your heart should ache for the tragic individual Mr.Murray, who will probably be pumped full of female hormones and have healthy body parts removed by doctors who swore an oath not to harm their patients, and if sex change surgery isn’t harming their patients, what is? I read about a woman who thinks she is a cat trapped in a woman’s body and she dresses like a cat and meows like a cat and says she hunts mice. Now, Tanya Jones, should doctors go along with her madness and mutilate her body to make her look as much like a cat as it’s possible for a human being to look, removing her fingernails and transplanting claws instead? Is this what you think they should do? The woman is obviously out of her mind and she needs help. She doesn’t need doctors to pander to her mental disorder, and neither should doctors pander to the disordered thinking of tragic individuals like Mr.Murray.

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