Mike Nesbitt, the Professor was stating fact NOT opinion!

Mike Nesbitt, the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, was a contributor to a discussion on abortion on the Nolan radio show yesterday.

He made it clear that he is in favour of changing the law on abortion in Northern Ireland so that women who have been told by doctors that they are carrying a baby with a “fatal” abnormality can have an abortion in Northern Ireland.

A caller to the programme reminded Mr.Nesbitt that a doctor in Northern Ireland (Professor Jim Dornan) recently stated publicly that he was not happy with the term “fatal foetal abnormality” because it is not a medical term.

Obviously then, the word “fatal” should not prefix the term foetal abnormality because no-one (including doctors) knows if a foetal abnormality will prove fatal, whether before birth or after birth.

Mr.Nesbitt’s response to being told what the Professor had said was, “that was his (Prof. Dornan’s) opinion.”

Not so, Mr.Nesbitt.  The term “fatal foetal abnormality” cannot be found in any medical textbook.

Do you still say that the Professor was expressing his opinion, Mr. Nesbitt?

4 thoughts on “Mike Nesbitt, the Professor was stating fact NOT opinion!

  1. It is actually called Fatal Fetal Condition and there’s a list of these conditions as long as your arm Mrs White. Nothing worse than the ignorant posing as the informed.

  2. Oh yes how convenient. Edit the facts that I wrote to make your response look valid – which it most certainly is not. You are so dishonest. There is no point going any further with this when you misrepresent and use your blog to publish lies.

    • A question for you. Do you accept that the term “fatal” foetal abnormality is not a medical term? A “yes” or “no” answer please. By the way, you have slandered us. We do not use our blog to publish lies. We removed the examples you gave because you appear to have an agenda that you are trying to promote, and also, you did not address the issue of the use (by the pro-abortion lobby and others) of the misleading and medically inaccurate term “fatal” foetal abnormality.

      Are you involved with the group “Medical students for choice?”

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