Christian Institute’s alliance with homosexual Peter Tatchell

The Christian Institute is an organisation that defends evangelical Christianity in the public square.

However, for some time now we have been concerned and alarmed about them and the direction in which they are going because we believe it is marked by compromise and unwise (and even dangerous) associations on their part.

They recently launched a campaign called Defend Free Speech along with (among others) the National Secular Society and Peter Tatchell, a homosexual rights activist who has campaigned for the age of consent for sodomy to be reduced to 14 (or younger.)

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute is the spokesman for the Defend Free Speech campaign.

What are the Christian Institute thinking of ?

Joining forces with unbelievers (National Secular Society) and a homosexual (Peter Tatchell) to defend free speech?!! Yet it is the LGBT lobby who are responsible for curtailing free speech by calling any speech against their agenda “hate speech.”

Christians should not join forces with the workers of iniquity in any venture. Yet this is what the Christian Institute has done, and they defend their disobedience by arguing that the unbelievers they are yoked with are as concerned about defending freedom of speech as they are.

The Bible verse “let us do evil that good may come” seems applicable to the thinking of the Christian Institute in this matter.

The Christian Institute should obey the Biblical command to “…come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord…..”    Without delay!

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