Traffic lights in the view of insane equality agenda

A report from the Institute of Economic Affairs was discussed yesterday on a radio programme in Northern Ireland.

It was co-authored by a man called Martin Cassini.

He has a problem with traffic lights, believing they are a waste of money. He doesn’t believe in speed limits either.

He is in thrall to the idea of equal rights on the road and says that if we live by equality, many of our congestion problems would disappear.

He is opposed to the idea of “priority” on the roads by which he seems to mean that no-one should have priority on the roads and that no road should have priority over another e.g he believes that “priority” gives superior rights to the main road at the expense of side roads and pedestrians.

This is dangerous nonsense and further evidence of the insane equality agenda’s hold on the minds of its devotees.

Mr.Cassini is placing much too much faith in the self-control and good will of road users, drivers and pedestrians alike. Does he believe that all drivers can be trusted to slow down when the road conditions demand such action,  and what happens to pedestrians in Mr. Cassini’s scheme of things?

This is madness and would greatly increase the dangers for everyone.

What would happen if a speeding driver and a slow moving pedestrian are moving in each other’s direction and there is no speed limit and no traffic lights and they have been told they both have equal rights to the road and must live by equality?




4 thoughts on “Traffic lights in the view of insane equality agenda

  1. I was being genuine. Why would I agree with the removal of Traffic Lights. And your removing of my other 2 comments shows that you clearly didn’t bother to read them. Why is that I wonder??!!

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