Weary of these ignoramuses

Memo to those ignoramuses who equate capital punishment with murder.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IS NOT MURDER. It is the judicial execution of murderers.

It is obviously beyond the intellectual abilities of some commenters on our blog to make the distinction.

3 thoughts on “Weary of these ignoramuses

  1. But what if someone condemned to Death is in fact innocent? The Birmingham Six and Guildford Four were innocent. Supposing they’d have been executed for “Treason to the Crown”?

    • We do not want innocent people executed. The sentence of death should only be carried out in cases where there is no doubting the guilt of the accused and convicted man or woman. If guilt cannot be proven then the death sentence should not be carried out. In the case of the killers of soldier Lee Rigby, there was no doubting their guilt. If we had the death penalty, those two murderers would have an appointment with the hangman.

      • But your “pro-Life”, which technically should mean that you are against the Death Penalty as well as being “Anti-Abortion”.. If you support the Death Penalty then you should disassociate yourselves from the “Pro-Life” Mantle, and just refer to yourselves as you are, ie “Anti-Abortion”…. Pro-Choicers would call it “Anti-Choice”, but I’ll leave that out for now.

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