Medical students being trained to kill

A pro-abortion group of medical students called “Medical students for Choice” are having their first conference in Belfast on 13th February this year.

What a wicked crowd they are! Think of it. Future doctors who will kill future unborn children if their mothers choose death rather than life for them.

The list of speakers at this conference includes Dr. Samina Dornan, an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist who has lectured to this group in the past, so we know where she stands, and the infamous Dawn Purvis, lately of Marie Stopes abortuary.

Also on the list of speakers is a young man who believes he is a woman trapped in a man’s body (transsexual) and, to intensify his psycho-sexual identity confusion, dresses in women’s clothes and insists on being called by a female name.

We refuse to go along with this madness, so, as his surname is Murray, he is Mr.Murray. He is a candidate for the Green Party in the forthcoming Assembly election.

During the afternoon session of the conference, attendees will learn about “manual vacuum aspiration.”

This is nothing other than a demonstration of how to kill an unborn child.

Abortion is, in the main, illegal in Northern Ireland, therefore it follows that this “practical” i.e manual vacuum aspiration, is illegal and criminal.

The Police should become involved and stop this forthcoming “lesson in killing an unborn child.”





15 thoughts on “Medical students being trained to kill

  1. Women will always want abortions for their own reasons and doctors must provide safe abortions for them. That is the humane way and I praise these young medics for allowing women access to safe abortion. You will never stop abortion Mrs White no matter what law is in place, how much you call it murder or how much you condemn it. Abortion will always be an option some women will take if they choose. Deal with it.

  2. She is Miss.Murray. It is wrong to misgender someone; how would you feel if everyone called you a Sir? Or Mr? Gender and birth sex are different things.

    As a Christian, tolerance and love should be at the forefront. From one Christian to another, could you please edit this post to correctly gender Miss.Murray

    Thank you, God Bless

    • He is Mr.Murray and we will not go along with the madness of referring to him as “Miss.” If you were a true Christian you would not want this tragic individual to have healthy body parts removed by mutilating surgery. You would not want him injected with female hormones. You would not want him to dress in women’s clothing. You would urge him to seek help from a Christian Minister/Pastor or doctor who could help him to find deliverance from his psycho-sexual gender confusion and advise him against seeking “help” from the LGBT lobby and pro-LGBT doctors who will tell him that mutilating sex-change treatment is the only way out of his misery. They do not care about him. We do, therefore we will not compound his confusion by referring to him as “Miss.”
      Ours is a truly Christian response.

  3. And cruel, insensitive barbarians like yourself are happy to force women in northern ireland to carry something like this to full term so they can ‘cuddle’ it? what’s to cuddle? I aborted one such fetus before the poor thing grew to this – how dare you or anyone force such an unfortunate mistake of nature to be born, suffer and suffocate at birth and how DARE you expect a vulnerable woman to have to confront it!!! maybe YOU would be grateful to produce something like this but other women prefer to put the poor things out of their misery!!!

    • How dare you describe me/us as cruel, insensitive barbarians. The cruel, insensitive barbarians are the abortion doctors at Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes etc. Remember Dr.Kermit Gosnell, the hideous abortion doctor? How would you describe that vile murderer? What about Planned Parenthood selling body parts of babies they had murdered? Care to comment on such? You are a very rude commenter on our blog and you are trying our patience, so, either you acquire some civility and politeness in your comments or you have just made your last comment on our blog.

  4. Judge not, lest thee be judged.

    The covenant between God and humanity is that we were given free will, so that we could make the choice between God and turning away. Our fall from grace, was nothing to do with free will, it was disobedience, we came to -know- right from wrong.

    That free will remains, God gives each and every soul that choice, yes, or no.

    The choice is betwixt soul and maker – each and every soul has that choice – it is therefore, a mockery of Gods will, to insist that other souls MUST make the same choice as you. It is in fact, hypocritical to indoctrinate, condition, nay even stockholm syndrome people into “having faith”. Being taught to make a choice one way, is not making that choice for yourself, its accepting someone elses choice – which insults and denigrates the soul.

    You stand here talking of christian values, whilst failing the very core tenet


    you display hate, disparagement and intolerance , you label and attack and insult

    I remind you, Jesus sat and ate with the whores, the lepers, thieves and beggars, he did not sit with the good and great and holy.

    I remind you that Jesus was not above flipping tables and using whips on those that would “control” religion through rites and money.

    I remind you, that God loves -all- of us, each and every one, in our infinite diversity amongst infinity variety

    I remind you, that those seeking to make the world a better, kinder place are frequently beset by the pharissees and sadducees, so wrapped up in _MANS_ laws of religion that they forget Jesus words

    “I came not to replace, but fulfil, there are two commandments, Love the lord thy God, Love everyone”

    Love everyone.


    I dont see any exception clauses there.

    Why, in your arrogance, do you think you know _better_ than your maker.

    God be with you, for you surely need it.

    • You worship a “god” who is a figment of your imagination. Your “god” wouldn’t punish unrepentant sinners and wouldn’t send anyone to hell. The God of the Bible would and has and will. Woe unto the likes of you. You are in for an awful shock on the day of judgement.

  5. If you went to a&e with a partial miscarriage that was becoming septic would you not want the doctors that treat you trained in removing the products of conception?

    • The group who are organising this conference are a pro-abortion group. Manual vacuum aspiration is an abortion technique. Their conference is not dealing with miscarriage. The medical situation you mention in your comment might necessitate a procedure called evacuation of retained products of conception and it would be carried out after ultrasound scans clearly showed that there was no heartbeat and that the unborn baby had died.

      I am not a doctor but it seems clear to me that the pro-abortion medical students will be shown how to remove a living human being from his or her mother’s womb when they have their practical demonstration of manual vacuum aspiration. They are a wicked group of people. They are future killer doctors.

  6. Nev is quite right, and if Jesus comes back tonight, it will be Ellen Murray whom he will welcome as his beloved daughter. Read the Gospels, see the respect and care he gave to the marginalised, to the outcast, to the unrespectable and the unclean. You have a religion full of condemnation, but it has nothing to do with Jesus of Nazareth. My heart aches for you, but you cannot close the doors of the Kingdom of Heaven with your petty padlocks.

    • Your heart should ache for the tragic individual Mr.Murray, who will probably be pumped full of female hormones and have healthy body parts removed by doctors who swore an oath not to harm their patients, and if sex change surgery isn’t harming their patients, what is? I read about a woman who thinks she is a cat trapped in a woman’s body and she dresses like a cat and meows like a cat and says she hunts mice. Now, Tanya Jones, should doctors go along with her madness and mutilate her body to make her look as much like a cat as it’s possible for a human being to look, removing her fingernails and transplanting claws instead? Is this what you think they should do? The woman is obviously out of her mind and she needs help. She doesn’t need doctors to pander to her mental disorder, and neither should doctors pander to the disordered thinking of tragic individuals like Mr.Murray.

  7. I can’t honestly believe there is someone with such an ancient thought process making post like this. Are we quite sure this isnt a just troll blog? These arent the accepting or loving words of any true christian, so I shall believe this is ame kind of terrible joke and you and your ideals can go back to the 1950s.

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