What these men did, they did knowingly and deliberately

Some men in Northern Ireland have been targeted by blackmailers who have threatened to show footage of the aforementioned men engaging in obscene sex acts, footage which the men filmed themselves.

The Police are portraying these men as “victims.”

They are not victims. They are despicable and indecent and immoral.

When the soon-to-be blackmailers contacted these men and asked them to engage in wicked acts in front of a camera, they were happy to oblige.

The police said that these men should not be judged. Oh yes they should, and the Bible has already judged them and describes all such as fornicators, and, if some of them are married, they are also adulterers.

Blackmail is a crime and a very serious crime, but there would be no blackmail if the men the blackmailers contacted had been morally clean and honourable. They would have trashed the wicked e-mail when they received it AND reported the e-mail sender to the police.

These immoral men in Northern Ireland played with fire and they now know that those who play with fire will get burned.

God’s Word says so and God will not be mocked.



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