Dr. James White, please teach your assistant Rich some manners!

I phoned Alpha Omega Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona this evening. This is the Christian apologetic ministry of Dr. James White.

The phone was answered by someone called Rich and I presume this was Rich Pierce, Dr. White’s assistant.

Dr. White was not in his office so I communicated my concerns to Rich.

What were my concerns? Simply this. Dr. White used the letters RIP (as in “rest in peace”) on his Twitter page before the name of an individual who had died.

In my experience, it is very unusual for a Bible believer to use those letters (RIP.) I never would. I cannot understand why James White did.

The line to America was terrible and Rich the assistant’s response and attitude was almost as bad!

After sharing my concern with him, he said nothing so I asked him if he had any comment to make. He said “no.”

I informed him twice that I was phoning from Northern Ireland and I gave my name.

His responded with these words, “You’re phoning from Northern Ireland to strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

Anyone familiar with the Bible will know that he was quoting from it He was saying, in effect, that my concern was trivial and undeserving of any explanation or response.

He treated me and my concerns with contempt and, to add insult to injury, he hung up on me without so much as a by-your-leave.

Dr. James White speaks much about the need for Christians to be “consistently Christian.”

All well and good Dr. White. Now communicate this necessity to the ill-mannered Rich Pierce.


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