“Sexism” is an “ism” of cultural Marxism!

Political correctness i.e cultural Marxism has invented many words to stamp it’s malevolent ideology on society.

I refer to these “isms” as the “isms” of Marxism, words such as “racism,” “sexism,” fatism,” and ageism.” PC has also invented other words but these end with the word “phobia” as opposed to “ism” such as Islamophobia and homophobia.”
However the design is the same i.e to silence all opposition to this or that “ism” or this or that “phobia.”

Edwin Poots, a politician and member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland, today appeared on the BBC NI radio programme “Talkback” to defend himself against accusations of “sexism” because he dared to say to the new First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster that her appointment as First Minister was the “second most important job that she will ever take on.” He further stated that “her most important job remained that of a wife, mother and daughter.”

Mr.Poots is right. Career must take second place to family and, in my view, women, in the main, should not have a career if and when they have dependent children.

There were no shouts of “hear, hear” from his DUP colleagues who sat all around him. This is not surprising because the DUP has many feminists in its ranks, male and female and Mr.Poots himself is part of an increasingly progressive i.e secular and liberal Party and is happy for a woman to lead both his Party and Northern Ireland.

BBC Talkback host William Crawley acted (as he often does) like an “Inquisitor General” as he interrogated, oops, interviewed Mr.Poots and, to assist him in forcing Mr.Poots to plead “guilty” to the accusation of “sexist” he had two feminists on the show.

The feminists and the BBC set the parameters of the debate. They defined terms and Mr.Poots went along with it instead of refusing to debate on their terms and rejecting the use of the invented word “sexism.”

He conceded much ground and, at times, appeared to be a feminist himself, not least when he responded to William Crawley’s remark that ” you accept Edwin she (Arlene Foster) can do both jobs (motherhood and First Minister) at the same time,” with the word “absolutely.”

Nonsense, Mr.Poots. How can anyone do two jobs at the same time? Something’s got to give.

One of the feminists on the programme is called Adrianne Peltz. She is from South Africa and she thinks she can accuse a NI politician of the feminist nonsense labelled “sexism.”

Your own country (South Africa) is in chaos, Miss/Mrs Peltz. There is terrible poverty experienced by both whites and blacks and many white people have been brutally murdered by blacks in your country.

So Madam, be wise and keep your feminist nonsense to yourself.

In conclusion, I anticipate comments from people who wonder why I stood for election when I am opposed to Feminism.

I stood as a candidate, not to usurp the leadership role of men in society, which I advocate, but, because men today cannot speak out against feminism without being labelled “sexist,” it really is necessary for women like me to expose the evil feminist movement for what it is, so I put myself forward for election in 2014 and 2015, not to promote feminism but paradoxically, to oppose it.

8 thoughts on ““Sexism” is an “ism” of cultural Marxism!

  1. But Mrs White, you are a Politician yourself, therefore you are breaking the “rules” you live by…. One word for you which is “Hypocrite”… Again I know you won’t post this (Religious People never do, cos the Truth Hurts them) but I just thought I’d add it anyway. Have a nice Day.

    • We’ve called your bluff twice now Sir i.e we have published two comments you said we would not publish. If you had read my post about so-called “sexism” you would have seen my answer to your question about why I stood as a candidate in two elections. I do not intend to repeat myself here.

    • My husband and I have one child only, a daughter who is now 17 years old. She has been homeschooled for several years now and if I had been successful when I stood as a candidate in the 2014 Council elections or in last year’s Westminster elections, she would have accompanied me everywhere, bringing her schoolbooks with her. If there had been a male candidate who advocated the same Biblical principles I espouse, I would not have stood at all. I would have campaigned for him and encouraged people to vote for him. There was no such candidate so I put myself forward for the electorate to consider. I hope this answers your question.

      • Firstly, that sounds like it would be unfair on your child, being ferried about between London and your home and all the other duties that an MP must undertake – I would also add that the hours MPs work (often over 80 & 100hours per week) would leave little time for home schooling.

        Can I ask why you feel a man, the father, would not be equally suited to giving up a career to stay at home and raise a child?

        • I believe that husbands should be the breadwinners in their families and mothers should stay home and look after their children. Women, in general, are more nurturing than men and most women have a maternal instinct so they are more suited to homemaking and child rearing. A mother could work part-time when her children are older and not as dependent on her but she should be home when they return from school. I realise that sometimes because of financial necessities or an ill husband, a woman may have to assume the role of breadwinner but such cases are and should be the exception, not the rule.

          • I’m not sure why you asked this question. I thought I had made myself clear. Men are (or should be) the breadwinners in the family. Married women with children should stay home and care for their children. Most married women today do not stay home. They work outside the home, not because most of them need to but rather because they want to. Being a wife and mother is not enough for most of them. There are exceptional circumstances e.g a husband and father becomes ill and is unable to work. A wife may have no alternative but to enter the workforce, but that is not the norm. A husband and father may have to look after his children in such circumstances (if he is not too infirm) or ask for help from a female relative i.e his mother or sister. I mentioned homeschooling in a previous reply to one of your comments. Our daughter studies mostly unsupervised at home so her homeschooling could continue irrespective of location i.e Westminster or elsewhere. By the way, one does not have to be a teacher to homeschool. We are not teachers and neither are most of the homeschoolers we know.

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