Muslim sex attacks in Germany – a chilling portent for Omagh?!!

According to the Ulster Herald newspaper, 50 Syrian refuges will arrive in Omagh early this year.

Germany has welcomed thousands of these “refugees” and most are Muslim males. Read the article below and then think about Omagh and the “refugees” coming our way!

Last year,many foolish Germans held up signs at train stations and other places with these words emblazoned on them “Welcome Refugees.”

Do you think they still feel the same about the “refugees” in the aftermath of the sexual assaults carried out by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve?

2 thoughts on “Muslim sex attacks in Germany – a chilling portent for Omagh?!!

    • Muslim women have been sexually assaulted by Muslim men even when covered from head to toe so obviously Islam views ALL women as legitimate targets for their vile sexual predation. However it is still true that provocative clothing is a factor in sexual assaults on women making it more likely that a woman will be assaulted because she is giving the impression that she is sexually available. Do you welcome these “refugees” and would you open your door to them? Care to comment on the Muslim sex attacks in Germany? You have said nothing about the fact that the attackers were mostly Muslim. Are you too afraid to condemn them?

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