March 2015 – Afghanistan – Muslim mob murders Muslim woman

The video below is gruesome because it shows the savage murder of a 27 year old Muslim woman called Farkhunda by a mob of Muslim men who (falsely) believed she had burned the Koran.

The Muslim men in the video are not “extremists” or “jihadists,” they are Muslims. Islam’s Sharia law motivated them and drove them to do what they did.

According to Turkish President Recep Erdogan, “there is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

In Turkey in 2007, three Christians were brutally murdered by Muslims in Malatya. Reports indicate that the men’s fingers were sliced to the bone in accordance with instructions in the Koran. Finally their throats were cut.

Read about them at this link,

Most of the mainstream media and many cowardly politicians deliberately give the impression that ISIS are not Islam, they are “jihadists” or “fighters.”

If ISIS are not Muslims, then what about al Qaeda, Al Shabbab and Boko Haram? Are they Muslims or are they not?

The fact is, they are all Muslims and, long before ISIS appeared on the scene, Muslims were beheading hostages in Iraq. Remember Nicholas Berg and Ken Bigley and so many other victims of Koran-obeying Muslim terrorists.

In the video below, note the behaviour of the Police who do virtually nothing to protect the poor defenceless woman from that bloodthirsty mob. They practically handed her over to them.

The murderers of Farkhunda deserve the death penalty but what will their punishment be in Afghanistan when their judges will be their fellow Muslims?

There may be moderate Muslims somewhere in the world but know this dear reader, there is NO moderate Islam.

5 thoughts on “March 2015 – Afghanistan – Muslim mob murders Muslim woman

  1. so what, you advocate murdering murderers too so you are as bad as them susan. You’d make a good muslim with the stuff that goes on in your head.

    • It beggars belief that your only response to Islamic terror is “so what!?” By the way, Madam, capital punishment is not murder. That Muslim mob did not execute that poor woman, they MURDERED her. Therefore they should be judicially put to death. The savages who tortured and murdered three Christians in Turkey deserve the death penalty.

      • “The savages who tortured and murdered three Christians in Turkey deserve the death penalty.” – But I thought you were “Pro-Life”??? Not a Hypocrite now are you??

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