Lest we forget – the brutal murder of Alison Shaughnessy

Alison Shaughnessy nee Blackmore was born in London, England on 7th November, 1969.

She was brutally murdered in her home in London on 3rd June, 1991. She was 21 and had been married less than a year.

Presently, no-one is behind bars for her murder. Two sisters, Michelle and Lisa Taylor were charged with her murder and found guilty on 24.7.92. In June 1993 the Court of Appeal quashed their murder conviction on grounds of inter alia (among other things) prejudicial press coverage of the original trial.

John Shaughnessy, Alison’s husband, was an adulterer during the marriage and he also betrayed her when they were dating. The woman he committed fornication, and later adultery with was Michelle Taylor, one of the two sisters who were subsequently charged with his wife’s murder.

During the investigation in to Alison’s murder, police found Michelle Taylor’s diary which revealed her hatred for, and jealousy of, innocent tragic Alison. Here is a quote from said diary, “the ideal solution would be for her to disappear as if she had never existed.” (end of quote)

Alison may not have known about her fiancé and later husband’s many acts of betrayal because she and her husband-to-be invited Michelle Taylor to their wedding in Ireland where it is alleged that she (Taylor) and soon-to-be-married John Shaughnessy spent the night together.

On the wedding video, Michelle Taylor is seen kissing John Shaughnessy and the scene was dubbed “the kiss of Judas.”

The newlyweds returned to London as did Michelle Taylor and less than a year later Alison was savagely murdered in a frenzied knife attack.

We do not know if the Taylor sisters are guilty of Alison’s murder, although that diary entry was surely viewed as incriminating.

However there is no doubt that Michelle Taylor was a betraying fornicator who cavorted with the equally wicked and disgusting boyfriend and later husband of Alison, John Shaughnessy.

How could he betray Alison as he did? Had he no shame?

It is possible, even likely, that Alison would be alive today if John Shaughnessy had lived a morally clean life instead of cavorting with Michelle Taylor.

Read further about this case at links provided. We hope that soon the killer or killers of Alison Shaughnessy will be found, and punished by the law and that the punishment will fit the crime.



13 thoughts on “Lest we forget – the brutal murder of Alison Shaughnessy

  1. I cant imagine how the mother feels the two girls using media to get away with this .murder!
    The husband is weird just going missing after her death new life no contact!

  2. Every stab wound was done with full on hatred.
    John Shaugnessy reveals emotionless narcissism towards Allison from the start with everything concerning Michelle; complete and utter hatred for Allison with all his betrayals behind her back. He is guilty as sin.

    • Never ever forget this case, yet man had no remorse whatsoever absolutely disgusted me , but sorry 80% if human race is about me me me me what I want 😡

  3. Two revolting vulgar boozy chavs, jealous of someone kind and pure. Alison did no wrong to Michelle, John was the one who betrayed everybody, being full of pride that these young girls are in love with him .

  4. My daughter is now married to this freek John OK Shaughnessy , my daughter is 20 years younger than him and he was married with 2 young kids one 2 years and the other 4 years old when him and my daughter started seeing one an other, it is history repeated, this is the reason my marriage has ended up in divorce

  5. Remember this case very well, as usual well educated barristers turn things upside down yes or no err well no no yes or no you weren’t there yes or no and so it goes, feel sorry for Alison’s parents, obviously crim passional, but British justice at its best/worst you decide errr anyone else been pulled in last 25 years apart from tramp on the strand ????

  6. The Taylor sisters are obviously guilty and it is amazing they we’re able to walk free. This makes me quite distrustful of the British justice system, which until this issue, I had held in high esteem.

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