Oliver Letwin apologises profusely – why?

Conservative MP Oliver Letwin has been vilified in the media this week because of remarks he and former MP Hartley Booth made in a memo written in November 1985 several months after the Broadwater Farm riots in London during which a black mob murdered PC Keith Blakelock.

The memo blamed the unrest on bad moral attitudes. It also stated that “the root of social malaise is not poor housing, or youth “alienation”, or the lack of a middle class. Lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale.” (end of quote)

To which we (the Whites) say “Hear! Hear!  Messrs Letwin and Booth.”

It is regrettable that Mr. Letwin has apologised, because the truth needs no apology. He should have stood his ground and stood over his comments and let the Left wing rent-a-mob rant and rave and shriek “racist” ad nauseum.

Some of the Marxists who have been most vociferous in their condemnation of Mr. Letwin are,
Diane Abbott
Tom Watson
David Lammy
Trevor Phillips
Darcus Howe
Chuka Umunna

The last two mentioned, Darcus Howe and Chuka Umunna are determined to make trouble for Mr. Letwin.  Darcus Howe stated that the comments in the memo are “bordering on criminality,” and Chuka Umunna said that attitudes in the memo were “disgusting and appalling.”

In our opinion, it is mischief-makers like Howe and Umunna and their fellow Socialists that are disgusting and appalling, and, bordering on insanity!

We conclude this post with a memo to cheeky Chuka Umunna,

“The murder of PC Keith Blakelock at the hands of a frenzied black mob, who shrieked “kill the Bill, kill the pigs” is disgusting and appalling, and let us not forget the wicked words of the late Labour MP Bernie Grant who said that the youths in the Broadwater Farm estate felt that the police had received “a bloody good hiding.”

Now Chuka et al, let us hear you describe that mob and Bernie Grant as “disgusting and appalling.”

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