Homosexuals ARE recruiting children

Behold the wicked ungodly LGBT and their filthy behaviour at Boston Youth Pride Day in 2014.

4 thoughts on “Homosexuals ARE recruiting children

  1. Nope that’s not what they are doing. What they are doing is trying to encourage Young People who are Homosexual, but are too afraid to tell anyone, to try and be more confident in themselves to “Come out” and stop living in repression. That’s what they’re doing. People don’t “turn into Homosexuals”, so they can’t “recruit” anyone to be Homosexual…A lot of the Youths in this Video are not Homosexual, but they have Friends who are and who’ve suffered because of having to hide it, and they embrace the option of their Homosexual Friends, and other Homosexual People in the World, to be who they are without living in Fear. THAT is what this Video is all about. But of course People with your beliefs don’t want to understand that, wouldn’t that be correct? Mr and Mrs White?

    • Why do you think that one of the participants in a gay pride parade in Belfast a few years ago carried a banner with the words ” 10% is not enough. Recruit. Recruit. Recruit.” The homosexual lobby ARE out to recruit children Sir and the behaviour they exhibited during that homosexual event on the video was wicked and evil.

  2. Oh and Condoms prevent the spread of STDs. Would you prefer if things went back to the old ways, where Contraception was Illegal and if a Girl or Woman got Pregnant,(even from being raped) then she’d be just ostracized from Society regardless? Would you prefer that? Seriously, I’d be interested to know.

    • The form of contraception you mentioned (and I don’t even like to use the word) are not 100% reliable in preventing pregnancy or STD’s. There is no such thing as “safe” sex just as there is no such thing as “safe” sin. We firmly believe in chastity before marriage and faithfulness within it. The sexual revolution has led to an explosion of STD’s and unmarried mothers, many of them young teenage girls. Amoral and immoral sex education encourages young boys and girls to engage in sexual activity, telling them it’s their “right” and that it is “normal.” This wicked sex education is destroying many young lives and should be forbidden in schools and youth clubs etc. If young people were taught Biblical morality at school and in the home and in the Churches, we would see a dramatic decrease in sexual activity among the young. Society should once again frown on immorality. People would be less likely to engage in it if it was once again taboo in society.

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