Is this what passes for Church discipline nowadays, Rev.Park?

In a recent post on our blog, we posed the question, “Why has Mervyn Storey not been disciplined?” following his defence of his Government department’s grant to a vile LGBT festival which included a blasphemous play about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mr.Storey is a professing Christian and an elder in Hebron Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland and also a member of the Caleb Foundation, a supposedly effective evangelical Christian lobby group whose silence at present is deafening!

Far from being disciplined by his church and/or denomination, Mr.Storey can be seen in the photo below in the pulpit at a carol service, with his Minister Rev. David Park just visible in the background.

So he has got away with his dreadful compromise without so much as a slap on the wrist.

The Free Presbyterian church appear to be adopting the ostrich mentality hoping that in time, Mr.Storey’s serious transgression will be forgotten.

Mr.Storey has a brass neck and no shame. He should be consigned to the back seat until he repents.

He need have no fear of that because his Minister has clearly shown that he has no problem with Mr.Storey.

In fact, by allowing him to take part in that carol service, the Hebron Free Presbyterian church has signalled that it is “business as usual,” and that, in their eyes, Mr .Storey has done no wrong.

It is high time you “waked out of sleep,” Free Presbyterian Church.

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