Ewart and Christie attempt to discredit retired medic on air

Sarah Ewart and her mother Jane Christie were interviewed by Stephen Nolan on his radio show last Thursday (17th December.)

This woman and her mother, in cahoots with their comrades in Amnesty NI and others such as Fiona Bloomer of the Ulster University, are determined to make abortion legal in Northern Ireland in cases of foetal abnormality, and in pregnancies resulting from rape and incest.

When speaking of foetal abnormality, the pro-abortion lobby prefix the term with the word “fatal ” as in Fatal foetal abnormality. This has to be deliberate on their part as the word “fatal” has shock value as it conjures up thoughts of hopeless situations and death.

According to retired Obstetrician/Gynaecologist Professor Jim Dornan, the term Fatal Foetal Abnormality is not a medical term and the term that should be used is “foetal abnormality.”

The retired Professor has given the impression, at times, that he is “pro-choice” i.e pro-abortion in certain circumstances sadly, so it speaks volumes that he is now disagreeing with the pro-abortion lobby in their use of the inaccurate term “FFA.” We hope he will distance himself from them entirely.

During their interview on the Nolan show last Thursday, Mrs. Ewart and Mrs. Christie appeared to speak of Prof Dornan albeit without naming him.

In response to a question from Stephen Nolan about doctors and their diagnoses of abnormalities in pregnancy, the women said,

“If the politicians would start speaking to the ones that are working with it today on a daily basis instead of going to retired people……”

We have reason to believe that these women were referring to Professor Jim Dornan and, if so, he can expect to hear more of them seeking to discredit him because he went “off-script” and did not stick to the pro-abortion lobby mantra of “Fatal Foetal Abnormality.”

Mrs. Christie also made a veiled reference to a blogger and we have reason to believe that she was speaking of us and our blog. She stated that some blogger wrote that after the Judge ruled last week that NI’s abortion law was incompatible with human rights legislation, she had come out of the Court with a smirk on her face.

I did mention her in a post and she certainly did have a smirk on her face, as did her comrade Grainne Teggart of Amnesty NI.

If she was speaking of my post, I’m glad to know that our blog is unsettling and troubling the pro-abortion camp.

Here is a link to the Nolan radio show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06rx7jx

The likely but veiled mention of the retired medic begins at 4 mins 22 seconds.

The likely but veiled mention of our blog begins at 9:25 AM.

6 thoughts on “Ewart and Christie attempt to discredit retired medic on air

  1. a) You were already outed on Twitter and Facebook last week as the one who made the nasty, spiteful and defamatory comment about Sarah’s mother on this blog….b) you and this blog are not troubling the pro-choice campaign in any way shape or form. In fact, attitudes like yours stand to further our campaign because you represent tangible proof of how low your kind will stoop, how nasty, hateful, archaic and backward you are and this spurs us on in our determination to achieve abortion reform in this country. The more you throw at us in the way of your outlandish claims and narrowminded blinkered vision the higher we rise above it and beyond – women like Sarah Ewart will be the ultimate winners.

  2. He’s an old man who is out of touch with his profession. Post natal depression was not considered a medical term at one stage and now it is – medicine moves on, it develops, people like Dornon don’t. He says what people like you want to hear. Stephen Nolan was notified on his twitter feed that those hateful comments came from this blog.

    • Professor Dornan spoke at a meeting of the pro-abortion group Medical Students for Choice last year and we protested against him and them, so he was definitely not saying things we wanted to hear. He appears to be distancing himself from the pro-abortion lobby now, in that he has stated that fatal foetal abnormality is not a medical term. However his views on abortion in general are somewhat ambiguous. It is interesting to note that until he said what he said about FFA, you pro-abortion lobby were happy to quote him and claim him for your “side” but now you and your pro-abortion friends are seeking to discredit him because he refused to toe the pro-abortion “fatal” foetal abnormality line. He is now seeing, perhaps for the first time, how nasty and dangerous you and your ilk are.

        • Again your comment is marked by your failure to address the points made in our reply to you. It is also marked by its ambiguity. What precisely do you mean by the sentence, “dangerous only to the likes of you two.” Are you saying that we are in danger from you pro-abortion lobby? If so, then we view your comment as a threat. If you mean that WE view the pro-abortion lobby as dangerous, you are correct. They are dangerous, firstly to the unborn child, and secondly, to those who oppose their murderous agenda.

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