This hospital is sick

Read about the Boston hospital that is very sick (at link below)

What is the diagnosis?

It is suffering from the awful disease called Politically Correct Desensitisation Syndrome which is likely to be fatal, unless someone speedily administers the only treatment known to be effective in such dire cases.

What is this treatment?  None other than a large dose of Politically Incorrect truth serum.

Sadly, this hospital doesn’t think it is sick so it will not be seeking treatment any day soon.

Instead, this hospital rails against those people who would inform it that it is sick and that is exactly what it has done to the brave doctor Paul Church.

He told the truth about the dangers of the homosexual lifestyle and the hospital expelled him and he has just lost his final appeal against his expulsion.

Hospitals were once places dedicated to the care of the sick but now many are places dedicated to the “cause” i.e the cause of LGBT rights and many hospitals actively promote and support a lifestyle they know is destructive and will eventually lead to a hospital bed or the grave.

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