Is CISTA going to pot?

The pro-cannabis political Party CISTA, which stands for Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol, has been fined approximately £7,000 by the Electoral Commission for failing to deliver any of the required financial returns for last May’s UK general election.

The fine was split as follows. CISTA in England were fined £3,750 and CISTA in Northern Ireland were fined £3,250.

Recently CISTA NI organised a book launch for a book entitled “Stoned” by Dr. David Cassaret who presents the case for medical marijuana.

This strategy (marijuana/cannabis as medicine) was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

As cannabis has been found to affect motivation and memory (among other effects) is it possible that the “crackpots” in CISTA have been so affected by supposedly “safe” cannabis that they had no memory of the requirements placed upon them by the Electoral Commission and no motivation to fulfil those requirements?

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