Fearless US evangelistic team confront Communists and homosexuals

We need preachers like Jesse Morrell and team in Northern Ireland.


3 thoughts on “Fearless US evangelistic team confront Communists and homosexuals

  1. I began to watch the video of this man beginning to preach at the university. Within one minute I have to turn it off because he was so offensive in his presentation, so violent and confrontational. That this kind of man goes forth and preaches is the ruination of religion in the world. Perhaps that is good thing and I do suspect that day at school would have been less ugly without this arrogant fool with a microphone.

  2. One more thing, If any of these Preachers have Daughters, then in order to try and save Homosexuals, why don’t they do what Lot did and offer to sell their Daughters to them? After all thats what was done according to the Bible, and they claim to live by the Bible. So why don’t they do that?

    • Lot did not offer to sell his daughters to the sodomites. He did offer them to that mob, there is no denying of that fact. God never directed him to do such a wicked thing and what he did lives on in infamy. It may have been a ploy on his part, in that he hoped the women-hating homosexual mob would not be interested in his daughters. Perhaps he was stalling for time. We do not know. His willingness to sacrifice his daughters to be gang-raped is beyond belief and beyond explanation.

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