Our anti-abortion protest outside sordid venue the Black Box

Yesterday (Monday) we travelled to Belfast to protest against a pro-abortion event entitled, “Reproductive Healthcare is a Human Right.”

The event was part of the ongoing Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival and the organisation behind the Festival is the Human Rights Consortium, a radical outfit.

The pro-abortion event took place at a pro-LGBT, pro- global warming, pro-Islam, pro-“refugees”, pro-sexual anarchy den of iniquity called the Black Box.

We stood across the narrow street from the venue and faced it, displaying a Bible sign and two posters. The message on the two posters was identical and they read thus, “Marie Stopes, Hitler and the Third Reich – Birds of a feather.”

Marie Stopes is the name of an abortion centre in Belfast (there are other abortion centres in England and other places that bear the same name.)  Marie Stopes was a fan of Adolf Hitler. Need we say more?

I shouted out the words “Abortion is murder,” as we stood outside.

A journalist came out of the meeting before it was over and took our photo and we exchanged a few words. Her name is Amanda Ferguson and recently she described people who are opposed to breastfeeding in public as “idiots.” I informed her that I am against breastfeeding in public and I challenged her to call me an idiot to my face. She did not!

The photo she took of us is at the link below. Please take the time to click on it and then scroll down the page until the photo of myself and my husband appears.

When the pro-abortion meeting ended, out of the shadows came some of the most militant abortion-demanders in Northern Ireland, such as Fiona Bloomer, Kellie O’Dowd and Dawn Purvis.

I shouted “abortion is murder” at them as they left and I told them that their hands are dripping with blood.

They really are “bloody” women.

We have reason to believe that Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI was also at the pro-abortion strategy meeting and that he was one of the speakers, but he did not emerge from the building before we took our leave of the street.

The unborn child is in great danger from these people and we must resist their aggressive, non-stop campaign to bring abortion on demand at any time of pregnancy and for any reason, to Northern Ireland.

These people are the modern day “disciples” of Saul Alinsky and with their endless strategy meetings and such-like, they are following rule no.8 from his “Rules for Radicals” which states, ” Keep the pressure on – never let up.”

Yesterday in Belfast, these wicked people ” gathered themselves together…………..and condemned the innocent blood.” Psalm 94 verse 21


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