Why has Mervyn Storey not been disciplined?

Mervyn Storey is an elder in Hebron Free Presbyterian Church in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland. He is also a member of the Caleb Foundation.

On their website the Caleb Foundation states that it is “Promoting the Fundamentals of the Historic Evangelical Protestant Faith.”

Caleb has not updated its website since April this year and if we didn’t know it existed, we wouldn’t know it existed!!!!

In addition to Mervyn Storey’s church and Caleb responsibilities, he is also a politician. He is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and presently, the Minister for Social Development in the NI Assembly, a post he has held since September 2014.

His predecessor in this post was another professing Christian and member of the DUP, Nelson McCausland and he held that post from 2011-2014.

Since 2011 to the present when the post of Minister of Social Development was held by Evangelical Christians, one after another, their  Department of Social Development (DSD) has spent more than £230,000 on LGBT groups.

Last month, Mervyn Storey’s Department gave a £3,500 grant to the Outburst Queer Arts Festival which this year showed a play in which the Lord Jesus Christ was portrayed as transgender.

What utter blasphemy, but make no mistake, even if that vile festival did not show that play, the title of the Festival itself and its content is enough to condemn it and ban all of it.

Yet Mervyn Storey defended the grant given to the vile festival by stating that the grant was not specific to any event at the festival.

Mr.Storey, the entire festival was wicked and the specific aforementioned play added blasphemy to the wickedness.

Mervyn Storey should be sternly disciplined by his church and by Caleb, but will they do so? Highly unlikely.

The late Ian Paisley was not disciplined by his church (as far as we know) when he and the Baroness (Mrs. Paisley) attended an ecumenical service at St.Patrick’s Church of Ireland in Ballymena on 29th April 2012 to mark the Queen’s Jubilee. RC priests and ecumenical Protestant ministers took part.

Was Ian Paisley disciplined by his Free Presbyterian church for attending an ecumenical service? Highly unlikely.
Yet he would have roundly condemned (and did) others who did likewise. Hypocritical or what?!!

Another interesting figure was in attendance at that ecumenical service. Here’s a clue. His initials are MS. (answer below)

His identity is none other than Mervyn Storey.


4 thoughts on “Why has Mervyn Storey not been disciplined?

  1. Are you surprised?
    Caleb has no teeth
    The Free Presbyterian Church can be most selective as to who they discipline
    Do you really think for one moment that the FPC would have disciplined Paisley?

    • Yes we are surprised. Caleb has many Ministers/Pastors within its ranks and they should be an example to us Evangelical Christians by the way they react to and deal with offenders among them. They should administer the most stern discipline to Mervyn Storey and the other offender you mentioned although their offences are very different and therefore the discipline meted out will or should differ.
      The late Ian Paisley should have been disciplined for his many departures from previously held principles. Why was he above Church law and discipline? He was not alone in abandoning principles. Look at William McCrea. He is in a Party (DUP) that said it would no longer take a stance on homosexuality. Mr.McCrea also went along with the wickedness in 2007 that saw the DUP enter Government with murderous unrepentant terrorists and they (the DUP) have also had a “cosy” relationship with some of the murderous loyalist groups. Has William McCrea been disciplined? He and the Free Presbyterian hierarchy are more likely to mete out discipline to those who do not deserve it such as those people who spoke out against the DUP going into Government with Sinn Fein and/or those who dared to stand up to Ian Paisley and the likes of Ivan Foster in matters of church governance/politics etc such as George Hutton.
      Did the Randalstown FPC discipline the adulteress Pam Lewis/Cameron? If not, why not? What about the disgusting scandal in Toronto FPC? What did Paisley and Foster and Co do about that?
      We deleted the part of your comment in which you named a certain individual because he has been dealt with by the law (if not by Caleb) and will soon be punished by the law. Therefore we will not hurt his suffering wife and family by allowing the mention of his name. If he had not been dealt with by the law, we may have permitted you to mention his name. We do not believe in covering up any wrongdoing.

  2. Well after the recent RHI scheme which has conned the exchequer out of over a billion pounds how can people (and Hebron Chursh ect) who believe the earth is around 6000 years old join a ‘green scheme’ which if they believe in it totally contradicts their view? Sure its only a billion or so and the people getting rich have links to the DUP. Call themselves Christians! Jesus wept.

    • You ask some interesting questions. How indeed could young earth creationists join a “green scheme?” We are young earth creationists but we are not Free Presbyterians and we are not members of the DUP and we are very concerned about the “green” agenda because it promotes the worship of the environment and not the Creator. Not everyone who claims to be a Christian is a true Christian and the behaviour of the DUP over many years in abandoning principle after principle causes us to put a question mark over the claim by many in the DUP that they are “evangelical Christians.”

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