We blow the whistle on pro-cannabis Tom Lloyd

Tom Lloyd, a retired Chief Constable, is the head of the National Cannabis Coalition (NCC) which calls for “legal access to cannabis for recreational use for adults and for medicinal use for anybody who needs it.”

The pro-cannabis lobby are using the “cannabis for medicinal use” argument as a strategy to attain their goal of legalising cannabis.

According to the anti-cannabis organisation CannabisSkunkSense, “Smoking cannabis for medication is like eating mouldy bread to get your penicillin, or chewing willow bark for aspirin.” They further quote a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

Here are some quotes (ad verbatim) from the article cited below, which was written by the aforementioned Tom LLoyd who advocates the same strategy i.e use the “medical cannabis” ploy to attain the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use for adults.

“Frankly, it’s easier to arouse public empathy for a suffering child or disabled adult being helped by cannabis than it is for someone who “simply” wants to get stoned. That may not be fair, but it’s reality .”

“I know there will be some (many?) who will feel that a narrow strategy of focusing on medical use alone would be a betrayal of the many millions who do not consume cannabis for medical reasons. My argument is that this approach will hasten, not slow, the opportunity for legal enjoyment of cannabis for the full range of reasons……”

“Once medical use of cannabis becomes widespread I’m sure that the resistance to consumption for all other purposes will fade much more quickly.” (end of quotes)

The above quotes show that there are some very dangerous people in positions of power and influence in our society.


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