Gordon Ramsay’s daughters dress like harlots

Loud mouth (and foul mouthed) British chef Gordon Ramsay permitted his daughters to don the attire of the harlot for a birthday party recently.

It is unlikely that this was the first and only time that they dressed immodestly.

Mr.Ramsay has described those who criticised his daughter’s revealing clothing as “sick,” and in doing so he demonstrates that he lives in a topsy turvy, upside down and inside out world where evil is called good and good is called evil and bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. The Bible speaks of such a time and of such people.

So in his world, condemnation and criticism of revealing clothing is “sick” and praise and commendation of it is “healthy.”

His daughter’s outfits are disgraceful and shameful and he should be ashamed of himself for allowing them to dress like harlots.

It is wrong for any woman of any age to dress in provocative, revealing attire. Those who dress like streetwalkers send out a message that they are sexually available. Is this the message that Mr.Ramsay wants his daughters to communicate?

Immodest clothing is not only sinful, it is also dangerous. In a previous post we quoted a detective with 17 years experience who said that in most cases of sexual assaults on women, immodest dress was a factor.

Gordon Ramsay and his daughters have been indoctrinated by Feminist ideology which teaches women that they can dress any way they wish to, say anything they want, go anywhere they want to at any time of the day or night, drink like drunkards, curse and swear etc., and, should anyone complain about such behaviour, the label “sexist” will (they hope) silence all opposition.

So his daughters are conscripts in the Feminist army and their dress (or lack of it) is the uniform of Feminism.

The feminist army is waging a cultural war against men, against the family and against Biblical morality. However there is another enemy that they despise and fear even more than the aforementioned and that is the woman who opposes them.

They have a formidable enemy in Mrs. White.


5 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay’s daughters dress like harlots

  1. We have a formidable joke in Mrs White. She and her ideologies were soundly rejected at the ballot box, she is an object of laughter and derision on websites including Twitter and Facebook to name just two. She is the only person apart from her family that takes herself seriously. Mrs White is the reason feminism exists.

    • 67 people took me seriously in 2014 Council elections and 166 in this year’s Westminster election and I do not have that many people in my family. Continue to have a laugh at my expense but know this, one day He that sitteth in the heavens will laugh (at you.)

  2. You are thinking more and more like Muslim man every day Mrs White, well done. Muslim man also believes the way woman dresses causes her to be raped, so keep it up, you’ll be off to Raqqa before we know it joining the ISIS sisterhood. Maybe they will come and get you – you never know what’s in store…………………

    • Muslim individuals and gangs, in England, Sweden, Norway and Germany (to name but four) have been engaging in a rape jihad in recent years and they target non-Muslim women in particular. So they are not concerned about protecting women from rape. Many Muslim men are rather partial to the heinous crime of rape. The rape jihad is one of the horrors brought to the West by multiculturalism and mass uncontrolled immigration driven by the Left wing lobby.

  3. There are only two ways a man can react to a woman in immodest clothing and still stay sane:

    (a) have sex all the time
    (b) become asexual

    This is what feminists seem to want, a world without families, where men become either unruly beasts or get castrated. It’s one of two extremes.

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