Judge Horner plays God

On Monday 30th November, at a Court in Belfast, a Judge declared that Northern Ireland’s strict abortion laws (the 1967 Abortion Act does not extend to NI) breached the human rights of women carrying babies with a Fatal Foetal Abnormality and those carrying babies conceived through rape or incest.

This is what the Judge Mark Horner had to say about unborn babies diagnosed with a Fatal Foetal Abnormality.

“In the case of an FFA there is no life to protect. When the foetus leaves the womb, it cannot survive independently. It is doomed. There is no life to protect.”

Who is this man who thinks he can play God?  Has he never heard that doctors can and have made mistakes in their diagnoses?

Note also his use of the word “foetus” as opposed to “baby,” which is often an attempt to “dehumanise” the unborn baby and also his use of the word “it” as in “it (the baby) is doomed.”

By his declarations, this Judge has now pronounced the sentence of death on many future unborn children.

The pro-abortion lobby are naturally ecstatic at the outcome of this case which was brought by the Human Rights Commission NI, another crowd of fanatical pro-abortion agitators.

Look at the photos below of Grainne Teggart of pro-abortion Amnesty NI and Jane Christie, the mother of Sarah Ewart, the woman who contacted the Nolan radio show in 2013 because she decided to abort her unborn baby after doctors told her the baby had a fatal foetal abnormality and she could not have the termination of pregnancy here in NI. She went to England and there the life of her unborn child was ended. Her photo is also below.

Sarah Ewart and her mother, in cahoots with Grainne Teggart and others were and are determined to change the law on abortion in NI and Judge Horner’s conclusions were just what they wanted to hear. Mrs.Ewart was happy to be the poster girl for the relentless despicable campaign.

See the grin and look of smug satisfaction on the faces of Grainne Teggart and Jane Christie.

What about the murdered unborn children, you callous cruel women.

What about your aborted grandchild, Jane Christie. Surely that memory will wipe the smile off your face.




5 thoughts on “Judge Horner plays God

    • Murder is a death penalty offence and until it was abolished a Judge could sentence a murderer to death thereby ensuring that the punishment fitted the crime (unlike today.)

      Abortion is murder and doctors and nurses who perform abortions are guilty of murder. If abortion was illegal and the capital offence it should be, and we still had the death penalty, abortionists would be looking at a rope dangling from a scaffold.

  1. Kill people who kill fetuses…yeah of course that’ll teach ’em a lesson. Your logic defies explanation. Obviously you pick and choose when it comes to life being precious ‘madam’. A life is a life.

  2. You are a total hypocrite. If a Judge sentences someone to Death then its still “taking a Life” and you claim to be “Pro-Life”. You are a total and utter Hypocrite. Also what about a Woman whose had an Abortion and regretted it? Should she just be thrown in Jail regardless?

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