Women’s Aid – no 20:20 vision on murderous females

The strident feminist organisation Women’s Aid and others of their ilk such as Belfast Feminist Network, yesterday launched their 20:20 Vision on Domestic Violence spearheading their 16 days of action campaign.

It is true that many women have been murdered by men and those men deserve the death penalty.

It is also true that many women are violent and some have murdered men and they also deserve the death penalty.

However the fact that women can be violent is not in keeping with feminist propaganda so they (the feminists) attempt to downplay or ignore such inconvenient facts.

Many years ago, a lady called Erin Pizzey started a women’s refuge in London, to help the victims of domestic violence. In the course of her work she found that most of the women in her refuge were equally as violent or more violent than their husbands.

In 2009 she stated that she has “never been a feminist because having experienced my mother’s violence, I always knew that women can be as vicious and irresponsible as men.”

Now to return to Women’s Aid Northern Ireland and their “vision” problem because they appear not to see that which is staring them in the face i.e violent women.

Here are the names of some notorious female killers in Northern Ireland.

Julie McGinley   Adulteress and murderess (killed husband with male co-accused)

Lesley Gault     Adulteress and accused murderess but cleared on appeal (appeal verdict not unanimous) husband murdered by male co-accused

Jacqueline Crymble   Adulteress and murderess (killed husband with male co-accused)

Hazel Stewart      Adulteress and murderess (she and male co-accused killed their respective spouses)

Now, what is the likelihood that Women’s Aid NI will include the cases of these wicked women in their literature about domestic violence?

Probably zero!


6 thoughts on “Women’s Aid – no 20:20 vision on murderous females

  1. So what will we hear from the woman who claimed there is no such thing as a christian terrorist?……………………………

    • What are you pair talking about? Your comment has nothing to do with our post which was about violent women, a fact rarely, if ever, highlighted by Women’s Aid. We have deleted most of your completely off-topic and offensive comment. We left the above to let readers see that your comment had nothing to do with our post.

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