Pro-Marijuana doctor David “Stoned” Casarett coming to Omagh

Next Saturday an American doctor called David Casarett will visit Omagh to launch his pro-medical marijuana book entitled “Stoned: A Doctor’s Case for Medical Marijuana.”

The pro-cannabis Party CISTA (stands for Cannabis is safer than alcohol) have organised the event in conjunction with VolteFace.

Cannabis is illegal in Northern Ireland and is a Class B drug. Cannabis/Marijuana is also illegal in Dr.Casarett’s State of Pennsylvania, USA.  He needs to read the article linked to below entitled, “America’s doctors don’t support medical marijuana.”

Dr. Cannabis oops Cassaret and his dangerous book are not welcome in Omagh and the despicable CISTA Party should be illegal, just like cannabis.

The pro-drugs lobby talk much about “medical cannabis/marijuana” but according to the anti-drugs organisation “CannabisSkunkSense” this “scam” was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”

CISTA are having (or had) their annual conference this month and one of the speakers is (was) Ron Hogg, the pro-cannabis Police and Crime Commissioner for County Durham in England. Does this man not know that 10% of those who try cannabis will become addicted, in teenage users this rises to 1 in 6? (statistics from CannabisSkunkSense)

Here is another quote from CannabisSkunkSense, “Cannabis is a hallucinogen, a depressant and our commonest illegal drug.”

Now read the article below,

2 thoughts on “Pro-Marijuana doctor David “Stoned” Casarett coming to Omagh

  1. Cannabis is not a hallucinogen.
    Cannabis is an anti-depressant.
    Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug.
    Cigarettes have been proven to be the true gateway drug.
    Alcohol kills thousands and affects many more. It is legal.
    You gonna start protesting the two biggest killers in our society?

    • We deleted your first comment because both your comments concern cannabis. Your claim that cannabis is not a hallucinogen and is an anti-depressant is not backed up by evidence. Cannabis/marijuana is a mind-altering drug. It IS a hallucinogen. It IS a depressant. Here is a quote from the liberal Public Health Agency (from their booklet entitled “What do you know about drugs”) “Cannabis can also make you feel scared, sick, forgetful and do real harm to your throat and lungs. Some people end up not being able to stop using it.” (end of quote)
      Even a liberal organisation like the Public Health Agency sees dangers in cannabis.
      We do not smoke and we totally abstain from alcohol. That should tell you what we think of tobacco and alcohol.

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